Glee Season 3 Spoiler: Who Gets Suspended…?

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November 15, 2011


E! Online released a recent spoiler that either Will, Rachel, or Finn will try to make things right with the upcoming senior class president election taking place in episode 7, “I Kissed a Girl”.

Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) has mentioned via Twitter “a big shocker” happening in the very same episode, and it was recently confirmed that it would be Rachel stuffing the ballot box in Kurt’s favor.

Now this major spoiler covered by Wetpaint Entertainment tells us that not only does Rachel tamper with the election ballots – she also gets caught doing it. Resulting in suspension from not only McKinley but from Sectionals, happening in episode 8, “Hold on to 16″.

How do you think this will affect Rachel and New Directions? Will the Troubletones come out as the new Sectionals champions or will some other ND members rise to the challenge?

  • GuruLunacy

    WTF Rachel! A high school election isn’t even that serious! -.-

  • Thegleek

    Noooooooo!!!!!!! Now We’re going to lose!!!!!!!

  • Eva Thegleek

    I Totally Agree with you, but also, It was Kurt’s major ‘thing’ for NYDA…. I guess she really wants him to go with her…. 

  • Jns

    I really like Rachel, but I really hope Tina will get to perform the lead vocals this time for the New Directions during sectionals. She just don’t get enough solo performances.

  • don’tstopbeLEAving

    WOW….Im Lea/Rachel’s biggest fan! New Directions is so going to lose without Rachel. She’s the best singer in there. In season 1 and 2, she had solos and ND won…..I’ve always want her to sing in EVERY episode but I do know others have to shine too….In season 3, she’s getting less solos. :(

  • Pat

    Thank God someone else will solo for sectionals. I really can’t stand Rachel or her voice. 

  • Maddyconnell

    Ya me too about Rachel, but the reason why Tina has no solos its because she sucks alot… 

  • guestH

    No way ! Rachel can’t be suspended from sectionals they even say that her and finn have a duet at sectionals. 

  • guestH

    No way ! Rachel can’t be suspended from sectionals they even say that her and finn have a duet at sectionals. 

  • Haley32495

    How the heck can rachel get suspended for stuffing the kurts ballot ! Why the heck isn’t santana getting suspended ! If she can get out of it from finn then rachel should be able to get out of it seriously even if she might of gotten caught ! Britany in the end should be suspended she bribed the students ! Also I heard the big shocker was just santana coming out because rachel deff doesn’t get suspended from sectionals.