Glee Season 3 Spoiler: Seniors Say Goodbye with Whitney Houston

Glee Season 3 Spoiler: Seniors Say Goodbye with Whitney Houston

Since it's senior year for a lot of our favorite glee club members in the Glee universe, graduation has been at the back of our minds all this season. Once we return to Glee in April after the hiatus, graduation's only going to creep up on us faster. But before our favorite seniors actually graduate, we can look forward to what promises to be a very "emotionally gripping" episode (not another one of those!).

It's been reported by E! Online and confirmed by Entertainment Weekly that Glee will be paying tribute to the late and great Whitney Houston - a real tribute this time. But it will be a different kind of tribute than those Glee has done in the past.

"It's using Whitney's music as a way to say goodbye," the source reveals. "A way to respectfully say thank you for her music."

I'm told that unlike the show's Madonna and Michael Jackson episodes, the Whitney tribute is more of a "character piece" that focuses on Glee's graduating seniors having a real hard time letting go.

A tweet by Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) alludes to a Whitney tribute as well:

"Starting a new episode today. A very special tribute to one of the worlds most amazing singers. Very excited about this one.."

Share your excitement about a Whitney Houston tribute episode in the comments! What songs in Whitney's catalog say "goodbye" best?