Glee Season 3 Spoiler: Is There a Nicer Side to New "Villain" Sebastian?

Glee Season 3 Spoiler: Is There a Nicer Side to New "Villain" Sebastian?

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Before Grant Gustin hit the Glee world as season 3's new recurring Warbler "villain" Sebastian in this week's episode, "The First Time", Grant wasn't sure what to expect. He hasn't exactly made many Klaine friends by playing Sebastian, and while Grant himself is nothing like the villainous character he has fun portraying on Glee, he assures us that there's more "naughty" than "nice" to come from Sebastian:

"Right now, I've filmed just one scene for episode eight, which is the first time that we see Sebastian return. And there's no sign of seeing a nicer side yet! Actually, he's taking a turn for being more rude and forward. No signs yet of a nice side. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm waiting like you guys."

More specifically for episode 8, Grant says that Sebastian will get right up in Kurt's face:

"In my first episode, I am definitely very forward and don't really care if I offend, but in [episode eight] I am straight up in your face and rude to Kurt," he reveals. "We tell each other exactly how we feel about each other. It is a very fun interaction. Blaine and Kurt are together and Blaine steps away and so the truth makes its way out, if you will."

As far as how long Sebastian will be sticking around, Grant isn't sure. There hasn't been a certain number of season 3 episodes set for the recurring part yet, but he does know for sure that Sebastian will be returning after episode 8:

"There's no set arc yet for how many episodes I'm going to do, which is nice. I have no end date. There is no date they are kicking me out of the parking lot! I also have no idea honestly how long I will be around. It says in episode eight that I will make a return, I won't tell you details of that, but Sebastian will return after episode eight, which is exciting. I'd love to be around for as long as possible."

As far as if Grant will be getting any Sebastian solos, nothing's set in stone. But he does say it would be cool to do a song by one of his fave artists, Jason Mraz. Although the fans think he should perform "Moves Like Jagger", which he agrees could be fun.

What would you have Grant/Sebastian sing on Glee? Share some Sebastian love in the comments!

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