Glee Season 3 Speculations and Spoilers on Guest Stars, Regulars, and Glee Project Winners

Glee Season 3 Speculations and Spoilers on Guest Stars, Regulars, and Glee Project Winners

Well, not so much speculation on the guest star bit. It's been announced that former guest star Idina Menzel, who plays Rachel Berry's mother Shelby Corcoran on the show, will make her grand return for a good chunk of episodes this coming season - while past guest (and Broadway Wicked) star, Kristin Chenoweth more than likely won't be returning as her character April Rhodes, since showrunner Ryan Murphy decided to "out with the guest stars and in with the characters" for season 3.

"I think he's trying to get his show back," Chenoweth tells Zap2it. "I think he's trying to really concentrate on his characters. I actually understand that. I get it. People want to see those characters."

Yep, we sure do. Lucky for us we'll be seeing even more characters in season 3, as season 1 of Oxygen's reality series, The Glee Project just had a wrap and produced our two winners (well, four...if you want to get technical) who get to appear in a set number of episodes of Glee this season. Sweet.

While these "spoilers" aren't totally for sure, it's always fun to guess, right? Here are some snippets of speculation floating around the Gleekosphere about what'll be going down with our favorite Glee characters in season 3:

  • Sam Larsen (winner of The Glee Project) thinks it'd be cool if he was the "indie rocker" type in the McKinley halls - and going after Dianna Agron's Quinn. We always knew he had guts.
  • Damian McGinty (also winner of The Glee Project) is wondering if maybe the writers will pair him up with the loveable Brittany S. Pierce, as far as a love interest goes. Since you know, he'll probably be coming in as a freshman and all. Not only that, but showrunner Ryan Murphy has mentioned in the past that they've been considering a new student character as a sort of foil for Coach Sue Sylvester, and Damian has a hunch it could be him. " could just imagine Sue Sylvester hating this new Irish kid and not understanding a word he says," says Damian. I so want Sue to call Damian "leprechaun".
  • Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) doesn't know for sure yet whether his Karofsky character will be plaguing all our favorite Gleeks again this season, but he's certainly all for it if that's the plan. "Karofsky's story line wasn't completely resolved after the prom episode. I feel like there's more to look at and discover with him and his struggles," Adler says. "Is he going to overcome it? Or is he going to give up on himself and hide in the shadows? ... I feel like it would be nice for Karofsky to have a happy ending and a resolution. But at this point I don't know where they're going to take him. There could be a totally different lesson in there to be learned that I don't even see yet."
  • Meanwhile, Jayma Mays is worried that she might finally be losing her TV virginity. Wait, what? Yep, there's a possibility Ms. Emma Pillsbury will maybe lose her V-card in season 3 - or at least, sometime in the near future. Nothing's set in stone writing-wise yet. Check out E! Online's video interview with Jayma here.

    Hey by the way, did you hear that Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) apparently didn't know about the plans to graduate Kurt, Finn, Rachel, and others this season? Mmhm. You can read the details over at Access Hollywood.

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