Glee Season 3 Finale Spoilers! Glee Clubbers Swap Roles and Regionals Judges Revealed!

Glee Season 3 Finale Spoilers! Glee Clubbers Swap Roles and Regionals Judges Revealed!

Before you know it, our season 3 Glee finale will be here and our fave characters will be graduating off into the world. May 15 is the lucky date, but instead of the usual hour-long episode, we're being treated to a two-hour big Glee season finale - the final two episodes of the season, 20 and 21. Not only that, but the longer episode will have a themed twist:

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the network is combining the show’s 20th and 21st installments into one, two-hour episode on Tuesday, May 15.

But it’s the first of those two hours — which finds New Directions planning for the annual competition — that is likely to generate the most watercooler chatter. That’s because in the midst of rehearsing their new routine, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) suffers a mild head injury and begins to experience a different — yet oddly familiar — alternate reality.

Yep, we're guessing this "alternate reality" chatter is related to these photos of Puck (Mark Salling) dressed as Blaine and Finn (Cory Monteith) dressed as Kurt (I know, cute or what?).

Oh, and think Lindsay Lohan will finally be getting her sweet Glee-venge at the Lindsay cracks in past episodes? In case you missed it, Ms. Lohan will be making a guest appearance in the finale as one of those infamous Glee Regionals judges. Joining her will be celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton and Rex Lee (Entourage, Suburgatory), so it's looking like it should be quite the party at the season 3 Regionals judging table.

What do you think of the combined final episodes into one big season 3 finale? And what about that plot line with Tina, lame or awesome? Hit the comments!

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