Glee Season 3 Episode 8 “Hold on to 16″ Song Spoilers

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November 24, 2011


This is it, Sectionals – and with an episode featuring Sectionals, an epic set list is sure to follow.

Check out the song spoilers for episode 8, tentatively titled “Hold on to 16″, including a solo by Sam (Chord Overstreet), Lindsay Pearce’s character, Harmony, and another Troubletones mash-up:

“Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith — Sam (Chord Overstreet) and New Directions

“Buenos Aires” from Evita — Harmony (Lindsay Pearce)’s group’s Sectionals performance

“Survivor”/“I Will Survive” mashup by Destiny’s Child/Gloria Gaynor — The Troubletones’ Sectionals performance

“ABC”/”Control”/”Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson/Michael Jackson — New Directions’ Sectionals performance)

“We Are Young” by fun — New Directions

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment

  • Sabrina Krejci

    why does it look like Blaine is back on the Warblers in the picture above?

  • M.C.H

    He’s not. The Warblers would probably perform in their uniforms, because they always do. That’s New Directions outfits. Sorry if you’ve already found this out lol.

  • DeDe Puckerman

    Why they always give the best song to the other groups?? this ND year!! come on… and BTW Rachel will not be there?? this is seriously crazy