Glee Season 3 Episode 8 “Hold on to 16″ Guide

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November 29, 2011


Our McKinley glee clubs compete at Sectionals! Yep, glee clubs, plural. Plus, Chord Overstreet returns as Sam (with John Schneider guest starring as his dad) and Grant Gustin recurs again as Sebastian Smythe.

Check out our guide for season 3, episode 8 of Glee, “Hold on to 16″:

  • Will’s New Directions and Shelby’s Troubletones go head to head in this year’s Sectionals competition.
  • Finn hunts down last year’s glee club newbie, Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) so that New Directions can get more members.
  • Tina’s there for Mike when he has to make a decision about his future.

Sources: FOX

  • danaé

    it could be Sam

  • danaé

    it could be Sam

  • Thegleek

    Yeah, I think it’s Sam, because Chord Overstreet is back and filming/ recording so yeah…

  • Irene

    sam isn’t from season 1 they said it was a character from season 1

  • Imogen_edgar1991

    Id love for matt to come back would be nice to see him again

  • Trolololol

    lmao it’s chord/sam. they hired sam’s parents and multiple cast members have tweeted about filming with chord this past week and posted pictures of him on set on their twitters as well.

  • supergleek

    anyone got any new spoilers

  • supergleek

    cause i heard that linsey from the glee project is gonna be on an extra episode that is of kurt rachel and blaine in new york 

  • Montana Kelly

    heres whats going down on this episode !Rachel in episode 7 is caught trying to fix the votes to make kurt win and she is therefor not aloud to participate at sectionals. In episode 8 finn is obviously devestated but finds sam to help get members for glee club to go to sectionals and sam does help , they are up again the trouble tones and the unitards which is the group you see from episode 1 where kurt and rachel visit niada . stay tunned …

  • Theoutsider1986

    I love Samcedes. 

  • lustrekenneth

    Sam becomes a stripper??? I wish the new directions win!!! XD. But I also love the troubletones, they’re so sassy and cool

  • Kenneth

    Hey, I’m the gleek one here, so shut it!!!

  • Ken

    I don’t like Nat(It’s nat you id*ot) coz he barely even speak. XOXO

  • lustrekenneth

    wrong. lindsay will be in sectionals, that’ll be her last performance… Alex is in vocal adrenaline and samuel, must be joining after damian gets homesick and go back to ireland

  • Francescapacker<3leamichele

    i love you lea michele. ur my idol skrew ppl who made the script that she couldnt compeet at sectionals

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    Make sure this coming brand new episode the fan already awaiting also I am the one.