Glee Season 3 Episode 4 “Pot O’ Gold”: Behind-the-Scenes Video with Damian McGinty

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October 27, 2011


Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive video of our “Irish-Leprechaun” New Directions newbie, Rory Flanagan (played by Glee Project co-winner, Damian McGinty) – making us Gleeks even more excited for his debut episode coming up this coming Tuesday, November 1. But while it sounds like Damian’s having a blast on set, looks like it’s not all fun and games for his character, Rory:

“He’s having a really tough time fitting in and [he's] getting bullied a lot,” says McGinty, adding with a laugh, “He’s Irish, thank God! If he was American, this would have been a very short relationship.”

You can watch the exclusive video, right here:

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, TV Line