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Glee Season 3 Episode 3 "Asian F" Guide

Glee Season 3 Episode 3 "Asian F" Guide

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EDIT: New spoilers down below in bold, my Gleeks!

The title of this episode leads me to believe that this is the episode...we meet Mike's parents! Well that and, we've been told it would be episode 3 of season 3. But you know, whatever works. Man, thought I was being clever, there.

Read up on our guide for episode 3 of Glee season 3, "Asian F":

  • When Mike gets an A- on a chemistry test (a.k.a an "Asian F", ha), his father steps up and requests that Mike quit New Directions so that he can focus more on his studies. Torn between his passion and his parents, Mike is at a loss...until he gets some unexpected support. (I also hear there's a scene between Mike and his mom that will make us tear up a little - expect to keep the tissue by your side at all times this episode!)
  • Mike gets his first solo, and word on the Glee street is it's nothing like his previous singing attempt (a.k.a it's amazing).
  • Speaking of parents...Will's worried, thinking that the reason Emma keeps avoiding the issue of him meeting her mom and dad is because she's embarrassed by him. Going on some advice from Coach Beiste, Will decides to take the initiative.
  • A Kleenex-worthy Will and Emma moment will also take place this episode.
  • Rachel and Mercedes face off again, only this time it's for the lead of "Maria" in the school production of West Side Story. Mercedes gives a superb audition against Rachel after getting some much needed encouragement from her new boyfriend, Shane (wait, I thought his name was Marcus?), resulting in a shocking (for Rachel, at least) callback.
  • While we're on the subject of Mercedes, there's going to be some sort of twist involving Ms. Jones. Any ideas of what that will be?
  • Brittany takes matters into her own hands and campaigns against Kurt (and others, I assume) for senior class president herself, and manages to gain some popularity in the running (go Brittany!!).
  • Brittany has an rocking number in "(Girls) Run the World" by Beyonce, dubbed "awesome" by Watch with Kristin's Kristin Dos Santos. (Bet you anything this is part of Brit's "magical" campaign for class president. Where's Will's glitter bombs when you need 'em?)
  • The directors of the school play (Artie, Emma, and Coach Beiste) can't reach a mutual decision on casting, so resort to making a compromise they hope will keep everybody happy - but their decision triggers an unexpected reaction in one particular member of the glee club.
  • Auditions are up! Which means a "nod" to The Glee Project (think this means Alex will show up?).

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