Glee Season 2 Episode 22 “New York” Guide

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May 17, 2011

Updated with some behind-the-scenes spoilers! (See below.)

Glee‘s hitting the Big Apple for Nationals, which show producer Dante Di Loreto had nothing but good things to say about, including:

“It’s been a big season for everybody,” Di Loreto tells Zap2it. “There are a lot of stories to tell and a lot of stories to resolve in these final episodes. New York was a ball; we had so much fun being there, it was really overwhelming.”

Check out the details of the final Glee episode of the season (with special guest stars Patti LuPone, Jonathan Groff, Cheyenne Jackson, and Charice), “New York”:

  • Heads up: This season 2 finale episode will air at a special time on Tuesday, May 24 – at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT. So make sure all DVRs are set accordingly!
  • Our Glee kids will be flying to New York to compete in Nationals (and – fingers crossed – hopefully take home that trophy!).
  • New Directions will be hitting more than the stage though. They’ll also be seeing sites all the way from Broadway to Central Park.
  • Speaking of Broadway…Rachel and Kurt will take us down memory lane to their season 1 “Defying Gravity” duet as the two of them visit a significant New York hot spot for the both of them – the Gershwin Theater (where Wicked performs regularly). Where they will also perform yet another Wicked number (rumored to be “For Good”).
  • Rachel and Kurt aren’t the only ones with Broadway on the brain. Will (of course) will take some of his time while in New York to reflect on whether he should stick with his kids (and Emma), or really pursue his dream of being on the Broadway stage permanently (which he’ll accentuate with one of actor Matthew Morrison’s songs off his debut album, “Still Got Tonight”).
  • And of course what New York/nationals trip wouldn’t be complete without some Finchel action? According to Lea Michele, Finn and Rachel give us our own “mini-romantic comedy” in the episode: “Even I was melting inside every time I saw Cory in that suit with flowers. He does take her on this fabulous day, this amazing date.” On a date to famous restaurant Sardi’s (where the two run into special guest star Patti LuPone!) and through Central Park and West Village, which is sure to be a romantic Finchel moment to remember.
  • Other songs included in the episode set list will be Madonna’s “I Love New York” and Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”.

Sources: FOX, Zap2It, Entertainment Weekly

  • Nay-Eiram

    I can’t Wait for Nationals!!

  • Andrea Alcalá

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  • Andrea Alcalá

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  • Matej

  • Gleekster

    nationals here we come!

  • guest

    more Jonathan on Glee! :)

  • mia Saoud Easton!x

    hmm does that mean quinn and puck will visit their baby??  

  • Yanky

    Hope they win. Can’t wait for season 3! :))

  • Ohdivine

     NEW YORK here we come! lets do this!

  • Guest

    Just wanted to comment. BTW I love Glee 

  • Booksrus0

    no more Jonathan on Glee!!  He is a jerk and Rachel is an idiot for trusting him again, even if it proves that she’s using Jessie to get Finn re-jelous and want her back again.   





  • Asar1022

     what about what quinn said at the end of the episode??

  • Emily

    I just want Finn and Rachel to get back together. They are so perfect for each other Jesse St. James is a jerk.

  • Nose

    I know! What’s her plan! Other than to cut her hair off, like we’ve seen on the promo, because I don’t think that will get her anywhere. I think she might try get to Rachel, because Rachel turns Finn down in New York, so wonder if it’s cause of Quinn’s scheming. 

  • Mashii90

     In the end of the new promo, Jessie asks Will if ‘that was scripted’ ? Maybe its something Quinn pulls of on stage to get her revenge on Rachel, Finn AND the Glee Club ?
    She does’t exactly love the Club.. She blames Glee for ruining her relationship/life :S

  • Yesamster97

     A Merrrr

  • Lolitzhaleyyy

     Finchel action !!!!! YAY!!!!! finchel are getting back together !!!!! They better stay together 4 ever no joke !!!!! I love Finchel !!!!! Rachel better get together with Finn !!!!! Jesse stay away from Rachel !!!!! Finn is all Rachel’s !!!!! Rachel go get some from Finn!!!!! Finchel 4 ever ! 

  • Lolitzhaleyyy

     Finchel action !!!!! YAY!!!!! finchel are getting back together !!!!! They better stay together 4 ever no joke !!!!! I love Finchel !!!!! Rachel better get together with Finn !!!!! Jesse stay away from Rachel !!!!! Finn is all Rachel’s !!!!! Rachel go get some from Finn!!!!! Finchel 4 ever ! 

  • DeDe Puckerman

    Yey!!!! Need some more of St.Berry……..

  • Persephoneyes

     I’m sorry, but after this season, i just don’t like Finn anymore. Use to be a BIG finchel shipper, but now? St.Berry! though because of how popular finn and rachel are together, i have a feeling Rachel and Jessie won’t last. Jessie may seem like a jerk to some, but really, he’s talented as hell. Sure, kind of an ass but hey, there’s a reason he’s so talented. And as for the whole egg incident…i mean, come on. let’s get over it. is it really all that much worse than finn never being happy with rachel, always comparing her to quinn, then when he has quinn, doing the same to her with rachel? i mean, my god. the guy obviously prefers the chase to actually having either girl so i don’t think he deserves either, even if quinn is kind of a bitch. all in all, i think jessie really loves rachel. along the way, he fell for her. they’re perfect for each other since they’re both so ambitious. and plus, after what rachel did to sunshine with the crackhouse, doesn’t that kind of make her on the same level of ruthless as jessie? she can teach him to have a heart and he can teach her how to have more confidence. just my lowly opinion though.

  • Rosemary

    Hate to disappoint all you Finchel fans, but I don’t think Rachel and Finn are getting back together in the Finale. The songs in the shows usually mean something. The fact that they are singing “Pretending” at Nationals (which is probably toward the end of the episode) probably means they haven’t resolved their relationship — listen to the words of the song. The producers say they go on a “dream date”. While this could mean that they go on the perfect date, it could also mean that one (or both) of them dream of this perfect date. I read somewhere that Rachel and Finn have a moment, but they aren’t necessarily together at the time. Personally, I feel that Finn should have to work a little harder to get Rachel back. He’s been a big jerk to her most of the year. He needs to prove that he really loves her, and not just want her when someone else is in the picture.

    I think the big shock is that Santana and Brittany kiss.

  • Leila

    it’s been confirmed that the ‘non-scripted’ part is rachel and finn making out after their duet on stage, when the whole crowd goes completely silent. 

  • Rosemary

    Where has it been confirmed? 

  • Rosemary

    Where has it been confirmed? 

  • caty

    ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait for this episode!!!!


     I just want finchel back, i dont care about anything else. finchel. gosh darnit! RACHEL DITCH JESSIE HE THREW EGGS ON YOUR HEAD. TAKE FINN BACK, PLEASE, YOU GUYS WERE PPEEERRFFFEEECTTTTT

  • JCB

    finchel just annoys me. its one big act. finn goes to quinn then to rachel. its like, turn lesbian already or something. then he makes 1 big heroic act out of all his jerk like behavior and hes suddenly forgiven. fuck it.

  • anonymous

     thats what i was thinking as well

  • Carrynms

    CANT WAIT !!!!!

  • Just Saying

    Talent is no excuse for being a mega-jerk! I never liked Jesse and IMHO, he actually isn’t that sexy. But to the Finchel supporters as well, I like the idea but I don’t know how I feel about Finn anymore. If Puck weren’t with Lauren I’d be a total puckelberry supporter I suppose. But yeah. Sometimes the going in circles with Rachel and Finn can get annoying.
    And jesse has never meshed with the group. He never could mesh with any group if he wanted too. He hides behind his talent and uses it as an excuse to be a complete jerk. I know Rachel has issues and has done, let’s say. . . questionable. . . things in the past, but Jesse plays head games. And he is a complete Jerk about it and he just continues to use Rachel. So i agree with Kurt. Jesse St. James Jesse St. Sucks.

  • V2113

    I agree with your, so called, “lowly opinion”. Way to go for summing up what we “St. Berry” shippers are thinking! Literally, the ONLY beef I have with Jesse is his cruelty and clear bias during the Funeral episode.

  • tvTrends

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  • tvTrends

    Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 22 at See the wonderful finall episode of FOX Glee.

  • Glee momma

    All they need to do is go to Rachels’ house. Her Dads adopted their baby.

  • Brady

    Finn and Rachel kiss so he asks if it’s scripted and Will says no.

  • sam and quinn 4 ever

    i want for quin to get bk wiv sam coz they r an adorable couples they made me love glee more than before i swear i literally cried wen they broke up they r both beautifal and both blonde they r jus the pefect match in glee the rule as the best couples on glee they both been through alot this season they need to take a rest togeva and jus be back on tack ken and barbie forever (sam and quinn ) for ever they should actually get married for real life lol dianna agron gets married to chord overstreet loool jus jkn but would love it make the couples com bak directors quinnsam 4 ever h8trz 

  • Douglas Pfeninger

    Who is the Asian Girl( The Girl in Blue that got sent to the crack house) the Almost sang 4 glee…. but then upstages them At nations singing for the other guys!

  • Douglas Pfeninger

    Who is this Asian Woman (from Glee Nationals)

  • Nuunyaa

    Yesss Rachel and Finn are back together !!!

    Finn is soo hot !

  • anon.

    no, her mom adopted the baby