Season 3 Episode 15 episode 15

Glee Season 3 Episode 15 "Big Brother" Spoilers

Glee Season 3 Episode 15 "Big Brother" Spoilers

We don't have much spoilers for episode 15 but we do know that it's titled "Big Brother" and will air on April 10th.

It's the first episode back after Glee's 2012. midseason hiatus. White Collar's Matt Bomer guest stars as Blaine’s (Darren Criss) older brother, Cooper Anderson.

Episode will center primarily around Blaine and his family — complete with flashback!! — with a little Finchel added in for good luck.

Blaine and his older bro, Cooper, will perform a mashup of two songs by ‘80s supergroup Duran Duran. Specific song details are being kept under wraps for now, but a show source teases that the entire scene will be “very sexy and fun and big.”. Apparently Matt is a “big dancer” while Darren is a huge Duran Duran fan and has been asking to tackle one of their tunes for a while.