Glee Season 3 Episode 15 “Big Brother” Spoilers

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February 22, 2012

We don’t have much spoilers for episode 15 but we do know that it’s titled “Big Brother” and will air on April 10th.

It’s the first episode back after Glee’s 2012. midseason hiatus. White Collar’s Matt Bomer guest stars as Blaine’s (Darren Criss) older brother, Cooper Anderson.

Episode will center primarily around Blaine and his family — complete with flashback!! — with a little Finchel added in for good luck.

Blaine and his older bro, Cooper, will perform a mashup of two songs by ‘80s supergroup Duran Duran. Specific song details are being kept under wraps for now, but a show source teases that the entire scene will be “very sexy and fun and big.”. Apparently Matt is a “big dancer” while Darren is a huge Duran Duran fan and has been asking to tackle one of their tunes for a while.

  • Bob

    ooooh some blaine background wiiicked :)

    Also, “Cooper Anderson” I see what they did there

  • Rrrr

    and quinn??

  • Kumkvaty

    Why do they always have to add Finchel? Can we have one episode without being tortured by those two disgusting idiots. Rachel should’ve dies in that car crash. That bi*ch deserves it.

    That seriously pisses me off. 

  • Stargleek

     could not POSSIBLY agree more! In Michael, when they were singing  “Ben” that could’ve been the most adorable Klaine moment, ever. But EVER SINCE Blaine arrived at McKinley, there’s been less and less of just them, and more of them just filtering out into everyone else, or just being CONSTANTLY butted in by Finchel. They’re turning into such a boring couple. I really liked them in Extraordinary Merry Christmas, because they were not just being cute, but also compassionate. But NOW.. God. More Klaine, little less Finchel, and more of everyone else. Samcedes in particular. And Mr Berries, please:D

  • Stargleek

     And just when you thought one Anderson was enough, they brought in someone as gorgeous as that. THANK-YOU Glee, for making my life. Mwah :*

  • Amyl1011

    i just wana know if karofski is gona transfer back to mckinley sinc all that bad stuff happened at his new school

  • Paganukvb

    Did Quinn Die

  • Guest

    Go Andersons! Can’t wait any longer 

  • BAndersonandCAnderson

    Oh god, same as hot as Blaine.. :D I hate Finchell.. they distroy everything that should be Klaine moments…I cant wait to see little Blaine in the flashback.. :D

  • Brie323

    For one thing, Finn and Rachel get married. 2nd thing, Rachel wasn’t the one in the car crash! it was Quinn in the car crash when Rachel and Finn were about to get married. Another thing, Quinn used to be a bi*ch but now she is nice. Quinn ends up in a wheelchair.

    P.S. Your very small knowledge of Glee pisses me off!

  • Brie323

    No. Quinn did not die. But, she may have something in common with artie now . . .

  • Chloe

    Don’t be a bitch finchel is great I love finchel

  • Rl2

    F*ck yourself stipid bi*ch

  • Rl2

    F*ck yourself stipid bi*ch

  • stelbabey

    cant wait till this ep

    its really annoying cause the glee makers are taking a 6 week break

    i mean wtf gleeks here that wanna know

  • Kalleb_d

    Ok people calm down. Yes I understand that Finchel gets in the way of everything, but stop getting mad people. It’s not going to help anything. But I will try to explain somethings as a fan since Season 1. Ryan has them in lead at the moment when he should have everyone whose graduating in lead. What about Brittana? Or Even Klaine? Tike? Samcedes? We need those storylines to begin closing and also opening others for Season 4. They get to focused on Rachel and Finn which is not cool anymore. We need more of the WHOLE New Directions not just them. Everytime an episode is focused on one character, Finchel has to have a moment in that episode. It’s just, ugh now. And people STOP with the Quinn thing, she’s alive and there are some many pictures on the internet that show her on set. Since Blaine is a Junior(which they made it seem like he was a Junior last Season alongside Kurt, but I guess they wanted to keep him along for a while) he will have more opening story plots opening into Season 4. Also, I have a spoiler!! I was reading spoilers before and 2 sources said that Kurt and Rachel get into Nyada, which is what I believed and this “revolutionary” thing Ryan Murphy came up with will be a split Narrative between New Directions in Lima and Rachel and Kurt in New York. I don’t see the big deal there since many shoes do split narratives, but there will be more surprises to come with this “revolutionary” thing. So I will include a list at the end of this comment of New Direction members who will be with New Directions next season. But many people are correct about the Finchel thing, it’s getting out of hand. And Karofski’s story arc will be pushed back for a few episodes so they can focus on the graduating class. And wait, I thought Sam was a Junior? I thought he was a Sophmore last season like they made it seem, just like with Blaine. @_@ Come on Ryan, trying to get rid of him so fast haha. What makes me mad also is that they pushed Will and Emma out, also Sue for a few episodes. I know it was supposed to be focused on the MAIN characters this season(big shocker it wasn’t) but I think they need to re-open Will and Emma’s story arc for another episode and drag it into Season 4 and also with Sue’s pregnancy(which is pretty weird @_@) Well that is all, here is the list of the so far members for next season ND: Artie, Tina, Joe, Rory, Blaine, and many people said Sugar(but in the promo she’s with the Seniors for Senior skip day and also in some pics which makes me wonder if shes a Senior.) Also the new Glee Project winner will possibly join ND with some surprises of the new members. Also, we will be introduced to many new characters in Season 4 for Rachel and Kurts new story arc who will possibly be Main Charcters added in the later Season 4. I’m totally stoked for what they have for us to come for the rest of Season 3. Onward to Season 4! (I really hope they can get to a Season 8 or 9 like they wanted.)

  • Kalleb D

    I meant shows not shoes hahaha. :33

  • Kalleb D

    I meant shows not shoes hahaha. :33

  • Courtney_smithey

    You can shut up ! It ain’t rachells fault ok !? Nobody deserves to die and for your info finchel is the best part of the show and also Quinn doesn’t die ! Satisfied !?

  • Courtney_Smithey

    Its supposed to be all about finchel right now ! It’s telling you where there gonna end up !

  • Courtney_smithey

    Thank you! I totally agree ! Im glad the shows mainly about them !

  • bluegummys

    what about quinn?