Glee Season 3 Episode 10 “Yes/No” Photos

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January 3, 2012

Update: See new synchronized swim stills below!

With the MJ and Rihanna song spoilers already released for episode 10, not so sure the bleachers mean a Glee Grease after all…especially since there’s a still of the girls (and Kurt) separate from the guys. What’cha think?

Check out our gallery below for season 3 episode 10, “Yes/No”:

Source: FOX

  • Angela

    definitely looks like Grease to me… Summer Lovin is shot as boys on the bleachers and girls at the lunch table :)

  • Laura

    I think it just might be that one song. Would perfectly fit applying to samcedes. And it looks like Mercedes is the center of attention in the girls shot…

  • Guest

    oh god, not grease, it’s gonna be really difficult to pull this off, i wonder how they’ll do. then again we do have sam and mercades as danny and sandy, and not finn and rachel- THANK GOD FOR THAT! :)

  • ABC

    whats goin on in that pic of mike and tina. is that something to do with grease or are they just having a romantic picnic? :)

  • Georgie

    Yes! Some Grease! Best musical eveer :’)
    And thank God it’s not Finchel being Danny and Sandy, cos they’re really annoying me now.