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Glee Season 3 Episode 1 "The Purple Piano Project" Guide

Glee Season 3 Episode 1 "The Purple Piano Project" Guide

Cory Monteith Daily recently discovered the synopsis for episode 1 of season 3, "The Purple Piano Project". Read all the details on the season 3 premiere, here:

  • Sue Sylvester has set her sights a little higher than the McKinley glee club this time - she's running for public office, and her campaign platform is none other than raising awareness to cut funding for the arts in schools.
  • Will tries to take the lead and gear his fellow glee clubbers up for Nationals, but things have changed since last year. Brittany and Santana have rejoined the Cheerios, Quinn has quit the glee club altogether and fallen in with a bad crowd, and Finn still can't seem to evade the routine Slushee facials courtesy of the hockey team.
  • All is not lost though, as Will also takes the lead in seeking out new glee club members to start of the year and ends up finding one in a past competitor, who one glee club "male singer" in particular seems to be more than okay with (gee, I wonder who this could be...).
  • Just because Brit and Santana are Cheerios again, doesn't mean that everything's going to go back to normal. In fact, little Becky Johnson just might see to it that she stays at the top of the pyramid (competition for Santana?)
  • Kurt and Rachel are already looking into colleges now that they've been bit by the Broadway bug, but they quickly become insecure about their talents.

What I want to know is where this purple piano comes in. Oh, Brad....

Source: Glee Zone