Glee Season 3 Casting Spoilers: Who's Puck's Daddy?

Glee Season 3 Casting Spoilers: Who's Puck's Daddy?

Ever since Puck's pool cleaning duties...ahem...were touched on back in season 1, haven't you been wondering just a little bit about the dude's dad? With all the Glee parents popping up recently, we're sure it was only a matter of time, especially since we've already been introduced to Puckerman's mom.

So who is playing father to Noah Puckerman this Glee season?

"TVLine is happy to exclusively report that Melrose Place vet Thomas Calabro will play the estranged father of Mark Salling‘s underachiever in this season’s 18th episode, which is slated to air in April."

But what storyline surrounds this estranged homecoming is the real question. Another real (good) question is...what are the "punk", "goth", and "metal" kids doing back on Glee? We thought we got rid of them with Quinn's pink hair. Well don't look now, they're making a comeback:

Glee is searching for a big group of high school students that have a "punk," "goth," and "metal" look to them.

E! Online is speculating that it indeed could have something to do with Quinn reverting back to her old beginning-of-season-3 ways, and considering the tragic Glee accident as of late I'd say it's a definite possibility. Especially if a certain newly-inducted Cheerio won't be able to cheer.

And possibly the most interesting casting spoiler also via E! Online, FOX is on the lookout to cast...:

" imposing theatrical grande dame who would appear this season and next? Could this possibly have to do with Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel's (Lea Michele) post-McKinley high plans? Time will tell…?

Who wants to bet a NYADA plot line with Kurt and Rachel is definitely in our Glee season 4 future? Hit the comments and share your theories on these casting items!