Glee Season 3: Casting for Three New Recurring Characters

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September 14, 2011

As Glee season 3 heats up, we’ll be seeing a few new faces in the crowd of recurring characters at McKinley. FOX is currently casting for the following:

  • A young 18 or older actor to play a 17-year-old handsome Gleek in a big recurring role, a “major guest star” (I thought Ryan said no on the guest stars?!)
  • Johnny, a football recruiter with Ohio State University (a storyline meant for Finn, methinks).
  • Technically he’s already been casted – Jack Harding is all set to play Mr. Baroody. A mad scientist new teacher at McKinley I’m guessing…but teacher of what? Place your guesses in the comments below!

Sources: Spoiler TV, TV Fanatic

  • Shabanon

    I guess he’s the geometry teacher who doesn’t like the arts and back Sue up in her run for Congress?