Glee Season 3: Casting and Valentine's Day Spoilers!

Glee Season 3: Casting and Valentine's Day Spoilers!

Glee, get ready for a giant. TV Line let loose a casting announcement in a recent spoiler round-up, for an upcoming character named Stephen who is...:

"...a handsome and successful 30-year-old named Stephen, with two important caveats: The guy needs to be at least six feet tall, and the role comes with zero dialogue. That said, this Stephen is said to figure into “an important moment in the script”…?"

A successful and mute giant. Any ideas why a character like this might be heading to Lima, Ohio?

You know what else will soon be heading to Lima, Ohio and the halls of McKinley? Love! Yep, love has been in the air on the set of Glee, which only further reminds us of the upcoming Valentine's Day episode, "Heart" (season 3 episode 13). And thanks to TV Guide, we get a few more yummy, gooey V-Day spoilers to chew on while we wait:

  • Naya Rivera (Santana): "There is a lot of love in the air during our Valentine's Day episode. There's a big dance at the school and Brittany [Heather Morris] and I are definitely going to go together. So maybe fans will get what they've been wanting."
  • Chris Colfer (Kurt): "[Blaine/Darren Criss] is in the episode, it's not in the way you might think. But there's definitely a huge development for Kurt in that episode that involves someone in a gorilla costume."
  • Chord Overstreet (Sam): "There's a lot of love and a little bit of heartbreak in the episode. Mercedes still has her boyfriend, and I'm still trying to jump in on that and convince her to break up with him. There's a lot of that throughout this episode. He acts sweet and sings to her to win her over."
  • Matthew Morrison (Will): "Will and Emma [Jayma Mays] get in a fight. I don't think there will be a [wedding] ceremony [in the near future] just because a lot of attention needs to be paid to the kids who are exiting the show."
  • Heather Morris (Brittany): "Here's something to look for. Somebody from our set dressers stamped a candy heart with 'Teen Lesbians.' It's really funny and I hope somebody spots it."

Be sure you also check out the song spoilers for season 3 episode 13, "Heart" here.

A Gorilla costume? Valentine's dance? Samcedes? What more could we ask of Glee in a Valentine's Day episode! Head to the comments and talk about your favorite Glee shippings/pairings - and take a guessing stab at the casting spoiler above!

Photo credit: Dianna Agron via Facebook