Season 2 Spoilers: Ryan Murphy “Thinks” Britney Spears Herself Will Appear

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August 11, 2010

As it seems everybody in the entertainment world has been reporting (and if you’re slow to hear, I can totally relate), creator/executive producer, Ryan Murphy announced on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show that Britney Spears herself, he “thinks” is “100%” going to be featured in the season 2 episode, “Britney/Brittany”. You might have also noticed the speculation surrounding Ryan’s choice of words. (What, you can’t use “think” and “100%” in the same sentence?) Although like some have been anticipating, he doesn’t intend to make a mockery of the pop icon:

“The Britney episode is so reverential about her, and so kind and it’s about her music,” Murphy said, adding, “I think Britney Spears is pop culture, and I think she’s been through a lot. And I want to do something that just sort of says, ‘You know what, thank you for what you’ve done. And we’re encouraging you continue to be as fantastic as you are.’ We’re handling Britney with kid gloves.”

Smart move, I think. Though Ryan still hasn’t said whether he “thinks” Ms. Spears will be playing herself, or a character. But based on the “fantastical Britney-related visions” plot device, I’m leaning toward herself. Who’s with me (or not with me) on that one – hit the comments, one more time!

Sorry, I thought that’d be funny, but it was just bad.