Season 2 Scoopage on Relationships: Will and Emma Included

Season 2 Scoopage on Relationships: Will and Emma Included

Got some more season 2 spoilers for you guys, and they're all about relationships, relationships, relationships. First up, one via E! Online for the Wemma fans out there:

Jackie in Miami: Got any Glee scoop on Will and Emma? They're my favorite couple on Glee!
Sorry to break it to ya, but don't think that smooch in last season's finale led to a full-fledged relationship over summer break. We spoke with show runner Brad Falchuk who told us this upcoming season they'll be exploring, "What does Will look like as a single guy, for real?" Also standing in their way? A little guest star you may have heard of named John Stamos and Will's ex-wife Terri, who yes, is still in love with everyone's favorite Spanish teacher and determined to win him back. By the way, make sure you check out my exclusive interview with John Stamos that just posted, where he talks Entourage, Beach Boys, Glee and that unfortunate extortion. He starts filming Glee soon!

And TV Guide has a little Quinn scoop for us, which I personally always love to hear:

Who will Quinn hook up with on Glee this season? — Oleg
MICKEY: Dianna Agron will have quite a full dance card this season. There's sure to be the inevitable push-pull between Finn and Puck, but more surprising will be her role in Kurt's new romance. Cheerleaders love football players, right?

Kurt and those cheerleaders of his. He just can't keep them away. What kind of role do you guys think Quinn will be playing in his new season 2 romance? Let's hear 'em in the comments!