Glee Season 2 Episode 9 “Special Education” More Sneak Peeks

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November 30, 2010

So the Dalton Academy Warblers operate a little differently than McKinley High’s New Directions. But hey, Kurt should look at the bright side – at least there’s no Mr. Schue trying to slip in another Journey song every couple seconds. Not to mention he also gets a solo for Sectionals, so he should “pick something good”.

Check out three more sneak peeks for tonight’s new Glee, episode 9, “Special Education”:

  • Wendla

    Videos are all saying that they’ve been removed by the user.

    Fix them and I’ll love you long time! 8D

  • ooL

    What’s the point of having sneak peaks if they’re not going to work? Fix them or take them down.

  • Michaela

    when you get any info on Finn and Rachel, please, please.. PLEASE post….i love them, and i like almost cried.. :( anyways thanks i would really appreciate it