Glee Season 2 Episode 9 “Special Education” Sneak Peek

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November 29, 2010

When Chris Colfer (Kurt) hinted at an upcoming Blaine performance of Train (“choo-choo”), he wasn’t kidding.

Here’s your first sneak peek at not only the next new Glee, “Special Education”, but also at the Warblers performing “Hey, Soul Sister” (Kurt included) for Sectionals. Check it (and also check out a clip of the full version of “Valerie”, below):

Source: Entertainment Weekly

  • Sammmm

    Kurt knows he belongs with New Directions, you can see it in his eyes. And I didn’t like that Blaine was the only lead singing, kinda bogus. Sure, he’s an amazing singer but it’s not very fair.

  • joenamherst

    Sammm….I’m confused? Why isn’t it fair that Kurt isn’t singing lead? He’s the ‘new kid on trhe block’.

  • Anonymous

    Man, Mr. Shue did not look happy.

  • Anonymous

    They do that with Rachel all the time… Plus, he’s the only character from that Academy we’re really familiar with. No biggie.

  • Steffi302

    im sooo confused!! is this set to air next week? I hope so!! I also am wondering what the look wa between tina and artie ??

  • Vickybarton21

    @nevermore285: I haven’t seen Mr. Schue happy for a long long time…
    @Steffi302: Yes, this will air next Tuesday! And I am wondering about that look between Tina and Artie.
    I can’t hardly wait!

  • Michaela

    okay is Kurt coming back? i miss him already:(

  • Michaela

    okay is Kurt coming back? i miss him already:(

  • Crashdownbabe91

    What is wrong with Puck? Why did he look angry?

  • #1gleefanforever!

    this is one of the worst songs glee has ever covered i mean yes blaine sings great but he cannot sing this song, his voice was just not made for it im sorry but it would have been better if kurt would of sung it; he can pull off anything while others cant.

  • gleeky

    One of the worst covers yet! Only one lead (when Rachel leads there are still parts where others sing), and amazingly terrible choreography.

  • whocares3958

    i was underwhelmed, which is unusual for glee. but still cute… and i’m proud of rachel for looking happy for Kurt

  • Pumpkin^Mania

    Did anyone catched the glance that Artie gave Tina?!~
    OMG NO!~ Mike&Tina R perfect!!~
    Asian power FTW!~

  • Vamb

    I have to say I am a but dissapointed in this, its good and all, but I would have thought at a compition you would want to show the whole glee clubs talent (e.i having more than one person doing a solo).

    But I still love Darren Criss (and Blaine) eaither way you look at it its not his fault, I mean with Darren the writers chose what he did and with Blaine it was probably the Warblers directer (Coach? Teacher?).

  • Vamb

    P.s I love the face Darren make at 1.25. :D

  • thumbsup

    I think thats the point…its meant to be underwhelming in comparison to New Directions. Obviously the Warblers are really vanilla…they perform in their school uniforms, with a basic arrangment and hardly any choreography. They’re safer in ever sense of the word, which is good and bad. You can tell Kurt isn’t very enthused to be part of their club

  • thumbsup

    and this was meant to be a reply to gleeky. I am a fail at the internet

  • rich dons

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  • vince

    watch here for the full episode for free—