Glee Season 2 Episode 4 “Duets” Photos

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October 1, 2010

With Sam back in the glee club picture and some duets to look forward to (like Mike and Tina’s!), there’s definitely fun to be had with this episode. Check out the promotional photos for episode 4 of Glee season 2, “Duets”:

Source: FOX

  • Guest

    soo… is the dude in a bunch of the pictures gonna be in the episode, or are they just like the director or something?

  • redcristina42

    finn is wearing a priest’s casual vestment. why???

  • Anonymous

    I realized after the fact that they’re behind-the-scenes photos, so I’m thinking he’s part of the crew.

  • Evie7808

    ok that director looks like Eric Stoltz…is that he???

  • xXBrdwayBarbieXx

    It is!!

  • Ben

    That’s actor Eric Stoltz. He’s directing the episode.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clearing that up, Ben! You’re awesome. I hadn’t recognized him.