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Glee Season 2 Episode 3 "Grilled Cheesus" Teasers

Glee Season 2 Episode 3 "Grilled Cheesus" Teasers

Finn making a grilled cheesus, and seeing more of Kurt and Burt might be reason enough. But in case you need even more of a reason to tune into Tuesday's new Glee, Digital Spy just gave us ten more of them:

1. The episode's theme is religion and faith - or the lack of it.

2. Someone goes to hospital, and it affects everyone in the glee club. (Actually, two people end up in the emergency room).

3. Kurt: "I appreciate your ******** but I don't want your *******."

4. Puck, Mercedes, Kurt, Finn and Rachel all have solos. New Directions perform one song together.

5. There are short flashbacks in which we see one glee club member as a child.

6 Finn takes his food very seriously.

7. Puck shows a bit of a sensitive side.

8. Sue gets angry about the glee club, as normal. But this time there's a genuine reason for it.

9. Finn: "Her ***** aren't great but they're still **** ***** and I'd really like to ***** them."

10. Sue's sister Jean returns.

Can't wait to hear what that Finn dialogue's going to be. Knowing Finn, it will be epic. Hit the comments to share what you're most excited about for next week's new episode of Glee, "Grilled Cheesus".