Glee Season 2 Episode 21 “Funeral” Promo #1

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May 11, 2011

Here’s the first promo from FOX for Glee season 2 episode 21, “Funeral”. Below video you can find links to official episode guide and few promotional photos as well.

  • Vicky

    Ok, I’m officially hating Quinn…

  • Mandy

    Already did.

  • Gossipgirl

    OMG did anyone see what Finn had? Check the vid at 0:21 I think that might be a baby which could mean the person who dies might eb Rachel’s mom…..Thes suspense is killing me!!!! Loved the latest episode though, Finn got jealous!!! x)

  • Lexi

    maybe its the baby that dies that quinn had

  • Vicky

    Mandy, I was doing my best not to but I do have a limit and she just crossed it…

  • Daipodnano

    awsome :)

  • Annika

    I think it’s Beth because Quinn was crying

  • Abc

    it didnt look like a baby. more like a stuffed animal (elephant).

  • The Gleek Is Eva

    Wait…. that’s a stuffed elephant, isn’t it?

  • The Gleek Is Eva

    Wait…. that’s a stuffed elephant, isn’t it?

  • Amelia

    It’s a elephant

  • Amelia

    Quinn is probably crying because finn is probably going to break up with her to go out with rachael FINCHEL YEEAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you see the way he got on at the prom

  • Amelia

    I hate quinn she a dush-bag i wish her and finn will break up already, and finn will go out with rachel he clearly still loves her and rachel still loves him I WANT FINCHEL BACK !!!!!!!!!

  • Gwhite96

    FINCHEL! Yes!! Quinn needs to just go away she was way nicer preggo

  • Becky Bennett

    Finn is holding a grey CAT.  It’s featured at 0:11 in Promo #2

  • Christinaswirl

     Omg.. It looks like one of those baby carrier things was wrapped around Finn’s neck! and a toy something…. but who dies????

  • woorale

     Quinn… don’t disappoint me…

  • totalgleek

    i bet becky dies. or maybe its sue’s sister. it obviously wouldn’t be a major character 

  • totalgleek

    i think its becky ’cause glee had to find people to play becky’s mom and a priest.

  • Aliefe Luthfi

    Quinn isn’t bad person , she just keeping her love for herself !! 

  • Aliefe Luthfi

    I still love her

  • Aliefe Luthfi

    I Already watch it. Poor Sue Sylvester. That was very touching moment !! 

  • Monica

    Great episode!! It’s about time
    they showed the emotion that was talked about regarding Sue and her sister,
    well done! I’m such a total Gleek; I couldn’t handle missing my shows because
    FOX and DirecTV couldn’t come to an agreement. If I didn’t already work for and
    have DISH, I’d switch just to avoid missing Glee.