Listen To Glee Season 2 Episode 18 “Born This Way” Songs

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April 21, 2011

We have two song previews from Glee season 2 episode 18, “Born This Way”:

  • call_me_teh_kitty

    I guess we can forget the big born this way/karofsky moment…unless they are doing it for him…I’m starting to think that song was written to be sang this way…

    who does the vocals in the second one?

  • Jessa

    That’s totally Finn being all jazzy in the second one! Can’t wait to see that. As much as his character has been annoying me this season, I love a good Finn solo. <3

  • rentAgleek

    i think its possibly karowfsky…maybe finn or puck. but it doesnt sound like pucks, its not rich enough…actually i think its finn. either finn or dave – but like 70% finn, 30% dave.

  • Chelseafiander

    it’s definitely Sam for sureeee 99.9%

  • YoMannSupp

    It is most definitely finn. 100%