Glee Season 2 Episode 16 “Original Song” Guide

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March 8, 2011

New guest judges featured in this episode! Check out the spoilers below for episode 16 of season 2, “Original Song”:

  • There are some rough ‘n tumble new judges taking the place of the likes of Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John at Regionals this year – Tammy Jean Albertson (guest star Griffin) and Sister Mary Constance (guest star Devine).
  • Up against not only Kurt and Blaine with the Warblers and the Regionals judges but also Sue coaching Aural Intensity, New Directions decides the only way they can take home this year’s competition is to put some original songs up their sleeves.
  • Quinn has her mind set to win back Finn – and her status at McKinley along with him.

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  • Maxmartinezv

    Oh my!

  • freya

    i want finchel :( x

  • Michaela


  • Yay


  • Shaebae06

    FINCHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the only way i’ll be happy!

  • darryl

    i want kurt and blaine chris colfers so hot!!!

  • santitiany

    I want to see what they have in store for Brittany and Santana. How is this storyline going to develop? To be quiet honest I think their’s is the only healthy relationship on the canon list as of now.

  • Mar45chi

    kurt on glee is gay for real life

  • sammy

    that is weriod epiodes brittany and santana are date rachel need a guy

  • ILoveUmoreThanCheeze

    Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with Brittana! though i have a feeling they are going to completely ignore their story line in the next episode.

    I think that Brittana wasn’t even on Glee’s story board this season until their fanbase picked up their pitchforks after ‘Duets’.

    Also, I have a question for Brittana Shippers that read fanfic. Did anybody else notice how similar last night’s storyline was to that of a lot of fics that have been rolling around out there? I could have sworn I read a fic on that had the same exact plot, which makes me think that one of 2 things is going on: 1. Someone is leaking Brittana’s storyline through fics or 2. Glee writers are taking their ‘inspiration’ straight from fanfiction. Either way, ‘Sexy’ was the best Glee episode to date. If you disagree with that, then you can’t disagree with the fact that it was the most REAL episode yet.

  • Brent


  • Savetheearth1362

    omg me too! i hate quinn and finn! finchel 4 eva! <3

  • Rigaud73

    finchel , finn and quinn aren’t meant to be together ,
    and kurt ad blaine have to get together
    and the cast has to go to nationals !! :D :D

  • Nicechick88

    i love finchel too guys they are the perfect together i so wish they come back together Finn and Rachel rock Finn and Quinn BOO

  • Smexychick8

    i so wish Finn and Rachel get back together Finn and Quinn are disgusting together and frankly i don’t think Finn should get any girl he is being such a bitch to Quinn and Finn but still finchel

  • abigail Johnson

    no brittana all the way. faberry is a close second :) they are so cute together

  • abigail Johnson

    they are together at last :0

  • abigail Johnson

    brittana foreva :) they are amazing together

  • abigail Johnson

    i know i read that fic too. i wanna see if one of the faberry fics is gonna happen that would make me so happy. i read one about karofsky raping rachel and quinn making her feel better. that one would be nice to see come true or one about jesse raping rachel and quinn coming to the rescue. in both of them rachel gets pregnant. i love fabewrry klaine and brittana fics they are amazing. :)