Glee Season 2 Episode 10 “A Very Glee Christmas” Guide

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November 23, 2010

I think the Christmas album is the first Glee soundtrack I’ve bought right away. I’m just that excited about not only the holidays, but about this “very Glee” holiday episode coming up next month. Check out these spoilers for episode 10 of season 2, “A Very Glee Christmas”:

  • Finn’s all gung-ho about the holidays and decides to introduce a little Christmas cheer to McKinley (if Rachel loved his grilled “Cheesus” talk, I bet she’ll love this one).
  • Artie discovers Brittany still believes in Santa Clause. So the club goes to great lengths to make sure the childhood dream stays alive for her (which includes somebody even dressing up as Santa – anybody got any guesses?).
  • The staff at McKinley is doing a Secret Santa, which “one manipulative coach” musses up and rigs in her favor. I’m thinking it’s Sue “the Grinch” Sylvester…to get the Schuester, possibly? Or is it another “foolproof” idea to poke fun at the Beiste? Then again, they could totally throw us for a loop and have it be Coach Beiste. (Taking your guesses in the comments!).
  • And, at some point during the episode, Mercedes will get…a green slushie-in-the-face. Yum.

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  • KT

    Sounds exciting =)

  • Angel

    totally awesome

  • DamonMaBiatch

    It’s obviously sue because it shows you in the promo, duh.

  • Alicia

    Where is Charice??!! I can’t wait to see her again!

  • Kitkat

    What has happened to Rachel and Finn?

  • Kitkat

    What has happened to Rachel and Finn?