Sam “Beliebes” in his Tribute Band

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February 3, 2011

Got some word on Rachel’s love life, what’s next for Klaine, and just who Sam will be paying “tribute” to with his tribute band. Read on to find out:

  • Rachel might be yearning for some Finn love, but despite that it sounds like the talented Miss “star-of-the-show” Berry might be doing some hooking up fairly soon. But it’s not going to be with Finn or Puck, apparently.
  • So what’s up with the cutest potential pairing ever, Kurt and Blaine? Well, you know how much Ryan Murphy and company like to tease and throw us curveballs. According to Chris Colfer (Kurt): “There’s a love triangle coming up, but that doesn’t really work out for Kurt.”
  • If you haven’t read the newly released synopsis for episode 13, “Comeback”, Sam (Chord Overstreet) is going to be starting up a tribute band. And it just might be the closest thing to being Justin Bieber-fied on the show. Not sure if this has been confirmed yet, but Sam would look the part, wouldn’t he? What do you guys think, for or against?
  • And we’ve heard of Sam and Quinn’s breakup…but now there’s the chance of a Sam-Quinn-Santana love triangle (again with the love triangles?). And we know just how badly Santana would like to sabotage miss head cheerleader. Check out the hand-holding going on this “Comeback” promo photo (along with the scary multiple “Rachel Berrys” I hadn’t noticed before):

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  • Alba

    Fuck off Santana! Sam is Quinn’s man and will always be Quinn’s man. Hop of Quinn’s Sammy and just admit that you like to pluck the lady harp and are madly in love with Brittnay! Damnit Ryan the only blonde we fans what to see Santana with is Britt. Can’t you get that through your damn head?! What is so wrong with having a lesbian couple properly portrayed on this show! Well guess what RM WE exsist! And we don’t take to kindly to being passed off as a joke on your show, when gay male on male relationships get written and developed with care. FUCK YOU RYAN MURPHY AND FUCK YOUR SHOW! I won’t be watching if your idea of entertainment is breaking up a perfectly sweet and happy couples and laughing in lesbians faces call us a joke.

  • Faberry2Love

    are you serious? That sucks. I mean I never liked Sam and Quinn together, I thought the girl needed some time being independent since, you know, the pregnancy. But no such luck.

    However now their just leaving a lonly Quinn which is even worse! And now Santana is being with Sam? I hate that. I thought she was going to be with Brittanyyy!! D:

    I did think the Rachel Berry situation thing was funny. Everyone looks like her. :)