Rory's After Santana's "Pot O' Gold": Damian McGinty Gives More Spoilers!

Rory's After Santana's "Pot O' Gold": Damian McGinty Gives More Spoilers!

If you couldn't tell by the sneak peek released, Damian McGinty is stirring up some major adorableness on Glee as Irish freshman exchange student, Rory Flanagan.

In addition to some behind-the-scenes footage and promo photos, now we have even more Rory spoilers straight from the real leprechaun's mouth himself:

  • Rory will strike up a bit of an unwanted love triangle between himself and Brittana, when he starts crushing major on Brittany and wants to get into her "pot of gold".
    "I've had many scenes with Naya Rivera. She's terrifying," McGinty, 19, tells "Whenever Rory looks terrified, it's not even acting. I feel genuine fear. In every last one of our scenes, she's been ripping me to shreds," he says.

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  • Between Brittany and Rory, you'll bet we'll get ten times the funny one-liners.
    "He also has a lot of hilarious one-liners that are a result of being really innocent — the difference is Rory realizes when he says something stupid."

  • Rory's not only a hit with the girls, he takes quickly to Finn after he rescues him from the resident McKinley High bullies - plus, he's a fan from the smooching video from Nationals via YouTube.
    "It's as if Rory has been watching Glee for the last two seasons and is a huge fan of all these people, and especially of Finn," McGinty says. "They've got a big brother-little brother relationship going on; it's really cute. To be honest, it's a little like what's happening in real life. Cory's been incredible helping me settle in. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met."

  • Look out for some falsetto from Damian, of which Kurt certainly won't become a fan.
    He didn't get to use it on The Glee Project, but we'll hear him hit plenty of higher-than-high notes, McGinty says. And Rory won't be a threat to Kurt for long: with Mercedes defecting to Shelby's group — and more to follow — New Directions "is in bad need of some new blood," McGinty says.

  • Much like Damian himself, his character Rory will be singing some old tunes.
    McGinty says Rory is both "an old soul... but also very young and innocent." Apparently, his '50s fixation isn't just a product of the writers' imaginations either. "It's not. I personally love Bobby Darin music, I love that kind of thing, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin..." So far, McGinty reports he hasn't sung one top-40 hit on the show. "It's all the old stuff," he says, happily.

  • Similar to Sam as a newbie last season, Rory's going to be trying out for sports.
    "I'm gonna play some sports this season, yeah. Whether or not Rory is any good is a different matter altogether, but he really wants to try. At the minute, Rory is just the ultimate underdog, he really is."

  • Speaking of trying out...even though Rory wasn't around for the West Side auditions, he'll still get to be a part of the school production.
    McGinty can't give away what happens, and his character did miss auditions, but whatever it is "still has the crew laughing, that's no joke," McGinty says. "People are still talking about it weeks later." He can say this: Rory's part of the chorus, and "his interpretation of the scene is different from anyone else's."

  • After Ian Brennan's comments about Damian's Irish accent during The Glee Project's run, will we expect to see the accent be played on in the show for comedic purposes? Damian thinks so.
    "I'm almost certain it's going to play a part at some stage. It has to!".

And just for good measure, let's hear Damian's thoughts on the upcoming "epic show choir showdown" between New Directions and Shelby's McKinley High Glee Club:

"Eventually, there is going to be a huge throwdown between Shelby's all-girl group and the New Directions, and neither wants to lose," McGinty says. "I think it's going to be a grand fight."

While you're anxiously awaiting "Pot O' Gold" to air next Tuesday, why not check out Wetpaint Entertainment's "in-depth analysis" of the promo? Might learn something new.... Oh, and make sure you head to the comments and share your excitement for Damian's debut!

Source: TV Guide