Is Rory Sticking Around For More Than Seven Episodes? Damian McGinty Tells All

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December 6, 2011


Cute li’l Damian McGinty (Rory Flanagan, a.k.a “Irish”) has managed to fit right in with the cast of Glee after co-winning the grand prize on The Glee Project, especially bonding with Cory Monteith/Finn both on and off the screen.

But alas, Damian’s 7-episode storyline for season 3 will soon be coming to a close (episode 9, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” marks his sixth) – though Damian tells us there is a silver lining to this dark and potentially gloomy cloud:

“I found out that I am doing more than seven [episodes],” McGinty tells us excitedly. “I don’t know for how long. I’ve learned not to expect anything and just go along with it and work hard and appreciate everything.”


More suave singing skills of the likes of “Bein’ Green”? Hell to the yeah. (Hey, if anyone can make a Kermit the Frog song suave, it’s Damian.) Damian also tells us that he has a cute storyline coming up with returning New Directions member, Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) in the Christmas episode.

Rory gets really homesick and he bonds with Sam (Chord Overstreet), and it’s actually a cute little storyline for that. And he sings!”

Who can say no to those two things in the Glee universe? My fellow Damian fans, let out your “squees” and shouts in the comments! Oh, and share your ideas for possible Rory moments and storylines in the future – think Damian will be sticking around for a while?

Source: E! Online

  • partytotheone

    I like Damian and all the Glee Project Kids. Wish they could all stay longer.

  • Momcush

    I want to see more Damian/Rory!! Bring it on!

  • Richard

    I am so upset damian did not sing in sectionals, why are they not using him, everybody loves him!!

  • Rileigh Christenson

    Eeek! :D I love himmm!

  • Cfreed

    i love Damian! he should just be the new Finn after they graduate