Return of the Jesse St. Sexy

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March 31, 2011

We were not expecting his return at all, but sources have confirmed that Jonathan Groff will reprise his role as Jesse St. Sexy James in the final three episodes of the season.

“He’s back to apologize to Rachel,” confides a source close to the show, “and perhaps get her back.”

And we thought all the romance and pairings couldn’t get any more complicated. Well, Glee should be proof that romance can always get more complicated.

Do you think this will complicate Finchel even more, or make it stronger? We do have Finn off pursuing Quinn at the moment, so maybe this will be a good opportunity for Jesse to make his re-entrance. Thoughts?

Source: TV Line

  • anonymous

    this is funny.. we have gay guys playing straight roles (Groff) and straight guys playing gay roles (Criss)…even in real life Glee is

  • Jessy J

    Jonathan Groff back on Glee?
    Not a good idea.

  • faberrybrittanalover

    Sorry, but I love me some Jesse St. Sexy. Plus Finn uberly annoys me and Jesse could actually keep up with Rachel.

  • Georgie =)

    he’s gay? wow.

  • Georgie =)

    i hope he tries to get back with rachel and finn gets jealous, dumps quinn and goes and gets rachel back instead :) that’d be cool.

  • Finnchel <3

    This is great news :D I think Glee needs jesse cuz if vocal adrenaline comes Glee even more interesting.Also will be a love triangle.Jesse Rachel and Finn <3 It'll be very fun :D

  • Dajabbers

    I don’t care. As long as Finn doesnt go all “I want you back Rachel, because another boy now desires you!” Let Jesse apologize, and give Rachel and Jesse a shot, its all the same. Just please let Puckleberry be end game! Samchel is kind of weird, im not completely turned off, but still.

  • KumQuickBrittana

    What’s so weird about that?

  • KumQuickBrittana

    Can’t wait for Groff! I love his performances and Jesse’s just awesome.

  • Kenny

    AH!! i absolutely LOVE Jesse’s character. I hope he and Rachel sing a song from Spring Awakening :D that would be awesome!!!

  • DeDe Puckerman


  • Leauna Janay

    omgg this just ruinnns finchell coming puckleberry from happening but still will mke things much more interesting to watch……we mite c finn sangg about his feelingss..remember jessies giirlll….

  • Kaitlynn_simmer

    I had a feeling that he was going to come back, and rachel is either going to get back together with him because she’s vulnerable from her breakup with finn, or finns going to step in and say somthing about it

  • Kaitlynn_simmer

    I’ve always felt that way about jesse, don’t get me wrong though cause I loved the relationship between rachel and finn to

  • Kaitlynn_simmer

    I’ve always felt that way about jesse, don’t get me wrong though cause I loved the relationship between rachel and finn to

  • shehunt

    Love that he is coming back! Lea and Jonathan have such great chemistry on-screen due to them being such great friends and working together. I didn’t like him when he first came on because I loved Finn and Rachel together, but he quickly won me over and now I can’t wait for his return.

  • Hannahbanmargolsese

    last season e was forced but you never know what is he is doing back

  • Hannahbanmargolsese

    Jesse is not very sexy. compared to puck or sam

  • Hannahbanmargolsese

    Jesee is not that awesome but he is an awamzin singer

  • Hannahbanmargolsese


  • smooth46

    OH,yeah too bad he’s gay,he’s so sexy , I’m so happy he returned to the show,hope he will get back with rachel ,just to see finn’s dumb face.