Relationship Train Wrecks

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February 16, 2011

Well, if you were wondering just who Blaine gets his kissing game on with, there’s no more wondering after the promo aired last night on FOX for “Blame it on the Alcohol”. Looks like he’ll be getting a taste of Miss Berry, much to Kurt’s dismay (and shock, horror, you know, the works), I’m sure. But looks like there will be a rocky road ahead for another popular relationship on Glee:

According to Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang), things won’t be looking so hot for him and Tina soon – and not just because of a little Angry Birds downtime. Harry recently revealed: “Sometimes when it goes so good, it can go so bad — and I will leave it at that.” Okay, so it’s not much, but at least this means things may be looking up for Tina and Artie. Just have to take care of Brittany first. Hmm…maybe a dance-off?

Who are you rooting for, Mike-and-Tina or Tina-and-Artie? And what about next week’s episode? Looking a little scary.

Source: TV Line

  • LannieLover

    Mike and Tina <3

  • Spyder_1392

    Tina needs to keep having Dim Sum with Mike’s mom:)
    Mike and Tina<3

  • anonymous

    I vote neither. Both relationships suck. It’s about time Mike and Tina broke up, because they are just…boring.

    Nothing new. Just plain old stereotypes.