Glee Recruits New Blood: Three Series Regulars Join the Cast

Glee Recruits New Blood: Three Series Regulars Join the Cast

TVLine's Michael Ausiello hit Twitter with the news that Glee is casting to fill three new series regular slots in the cast for next season - including Puck's little bro! Even though Glee's season 4 will also be covering the exploits of some of our graduated seniors, we're going to need new McKinley blood for our center stage glee club.

"Twitter Scoop: GLEE adding three new series regulars next season, including Puck's younger, guitar-playing brother."

Zap2It also reported the news, elaborating on the already juicy scoop:

The first newbie they're looking for is a male character in the early- to mid-twenties age range. Since he's obviously too old for McKinley, we're guessing he'll come into play for one of the graduating characters. Needless to say, they're looking for an actor who is also a fantastic singer.

Back at McKinley, a sixteen-year-old girl will be joining as a regular. The only requirements on the casting call? She's got to be "pretty" -- and she's got to be able to sing.

The most intriguing fresh face, however, is Noah Puckerman's 16-year-old younger brother. They're looking for someone who is not only good looking and resembles Mark Salling, but who can play the guitar -- just like big bro! Of course, we haven't heard Puck mention his brother before, just a sister, so the dynamic between the Puckerman boys is anyone's guess.

No news yet on whether any currently recurring actors such as Chord Overstreet (Sam) and Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) might also be upped to series regular status in the near future, or if our upcoming season 2 winners of The Glee Project could fill any of these roles.

Who would you cast to play Puck's little brother? Who in the current cast would you love to see as a series regular? Hit the comments with your thoughts and ideas!