Rachel, Finn, and Kurt Confirmed as Graduating Seniors

Rachel, Finn, and Kurt Confirmed as Graduating Seniors

While Chord Overstreet's Sam might not be going anywhere for sure, Glee original regulars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer will be leaving the show come end of season 3 as characters Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, and Kurt Hummel graduate off into the world (along with possibly some other well-loved characters, too). Much to the dismay of Gleeks everywhere - even though, as Ryan Murphy so lovingly keeps reminding us, that has been the plan all along.

So what does this mean for any plans on that Glee spin-off we heard is maybe yes-maybe-not happening? Well, Ryan Murphy and company did discuss the possibility but decided to put the project on hold (find out more about that here, via Entertainment Weekly). So only time will tell if any spin-off involving Rachel, Finn, and Kurt will actually come to fruition.

But in happier news, TV Fanatic got to interview co-creators and writers Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan at San Diego Comic Con in July. Watch the video interviews here. And see if you can find a little Glee cast spy in the background of Brad Falchuk's.

Who will you miss the most in season 4, out of season 3's graduating seniors?

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Source: E! Online