Quinn Survives and Blaine's Bro is Here: Glee's "Big Brother" is a Powerful Episode

Quinn Survives and Blaine's Bro is Here: Glee's "Big Brother" is a Powerful Episode

Glee is making a triumphant return from hiatus next week on April 10, but it's not the only one. We can hope to see Quinn (Dianna Agron) make her triumphant return as well, after surviving a horrific texting-while-driving car accident on her way to Finchel's wedding in the winter finale - although, how triumphant exactly will her return be? Glee newcomer Sam Larsen (Joe Hart) confirms in his exclusive Wetpaint Entertainment interview that we can expect to feel both "mad" and "sad" at Quinn's new situation:

"...I can’t tell you what happens but I think everyone will be shocked when they find out what actually happens.... Everyone’s going to be feeling everything and it’s really cool."

Damian McGinty (Rory Flanagan) also had a little to share in respect to Quinn in our first episode back:

"What I will say is that it will remind people how lucky they are for what they have in everyday life and not to take things for granted. It’s a really powerful episode."

While we're on the subject of not taking things for granted...we definitely won't be taking Matt Bomer for granted as Blaine's older bro, will we? As the title of the episode reminds us, "Big Brother" is about more than Quinn - Blaine's big brother, Cooper is coming to Lima! And kind of like his little bro, he's going to be "starting something" alright. Especially with Blaine's BF, Kurt, as E! Online scoops for us:

"Not much to say about Klaine in "Big Brother," because Kurt is too busy fawning over Cooper (Bomer) to really pay attention to his boyfriend's pain. Who can blame him? Until the end of the episode, that is. Kurt very sweetly pushes his love to make amends with his bro, reminding us Glee fans why Klaine are in it for the long haul. Love those two."

Um, who doesn't love Klaine and can we slushee 'em? Sorry, went all Sebastian on ya for a second there. Which reminds me, as far as the Cooper "Blaine's big bro" Anderson storyline goes, he just might be in cahoots with Sue Sylvester...or something. More spoilers from E! Online:

"...there's a surprising Sue Sylvester twist, and some of the season's funniest lines, courtesy of Sue and Bomer's character Cooper."

Well, Mira cleverly spotted something going on with Sue and Cooper in the sneak peek here (check out her "P.S."). Which means, there must be something to that "oh my gosh" look, right? (Is Sue Sylvester carrying Cooper Anderson's child? Wouldn't that be all kinds of twisted.)

Here are a few other "Big Brother" tidbits to get you excited for next week:

  • We get us some more Puck this episode! As in, "a lot" more. He'll be providing some much needed perspective for Finn as his best bud wrestles with his future plans.
  • There will be another Blaine boxing scene filled with hotness. You're welcome. (Okay, so I can't promise the hotness factor, but that's like a given, right?)
  • Look out for a new dynamic setting up between two New Directions members who've "barely interacted before". (Who's placing guesses on Quinn and Artie?)
  • Expect another "episode-ending" Finchel scene that could be either good or bad - nobody's saying.

Which are you looking forward to most, the details of Quinn's fate or Matt Bomer guesting as Blaine's brother, Cooper? Or something else? Spill in the comments!