Prom Queen, Here Quinn Comes

Prom Queen, Here Quinn Comes

Relationships on Glee are always interesting. Sometimes they don't last longer than an episode or two, but still, always interesting. From the abundant praise for the well received two new relationships - Klaine (Kurt/Blaine) and Brittana (Brittany/Santana) - to the ongoing push and pull of Wemma and Finchel, there's always somebody with somebody.

Speaking of Finchel, Cory Monteith (Finn) recently had a teeny-tiny spoiler to tell while on the PaleyFest red carpet:

“I think Finn is being used by Quinn for her prom queen aspirations. I think he’s going to wise up to that at some point. Maybe that’s going to send him in the other direction…”

I always love Finn character development, and this sounds like a potential moment ripe with that. But other than the latest Finchel news, what else new will be going on with Glee? I mean, other than what we already know. Here are a couple extra spoiler tidbits for upcoming episodes:

  • Episode 19 of season 2 will be one you'll want to watch out for. Why's that? Because based on casting news, we'll be getting a peek at Sam's (Chord Overstreet) little bro and little sis.
  • Brittany gets athletic: Heather Morris told THR on the press line that Brittany will join the decathlon team in an upcoming episode.
  • Quinn’s baby just might make an appearance: Brad Falchuk assured fans that Quinn and Puck’s baby is “living happily with her mom, Shelby.” The producer pointed out that baby Beth’s first birthday is in June, then left fans this tease: “So, we’ll see…”

Any ideas for a Beth-Shelby storyline? Even if it's only for an episode. I for one would sure like to see the Puck-and-Quinn dynamic pop up again, and this sounds like the perfect excuse.

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