Prom, Nationals, and Beyond: The Latest Glee Spoilers

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March 17, 2011

I have a feeling Quinn won’t be the only one campaigning for a tiara…. Yes, I have scoop on our Glee prom (one I think know you’ll love).

We have good reason to believe that Kurt and Blaine will be switching sides, and moving on over to New Directions. Co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed at PaleyFest that Kurt will definitely be “coming home” to his New Directions pals – and hinted strongly that Blaine (Darren Criss) would soon follow in season 3. Says actor Chris Colfer of the eventual Klaine transfer:

“Maybe half of them will… Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? That’s what they tell me. So even if they do go through some bumps in the road, it would be very realistic.”

And…Kurt will be taking Blaine to the prom! Or will Blaine be taking Kurt…. Either way, this is pretty exciting news for Klaine fans (though I can’t say as Quinn will be too happy about some competition, *wink-wink*).

”That story is ripped-from-the-headlines,” revealed Murphy. “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?” Fellow EP Brad Falchuk added that “Klaine,” like the the show’s other super couples, would face their fair share of obstacles. “What [else] happens when people start dating?” he said, “Everything goes to hell.”

If Finchel is any indication.

Now that we’ve got the good stuff out of the way, check out even more of the Glee goods via PaleyFest, straight from E! Online:

  • Kristin Chenoweth will be back in a big way. In fact, she’ll be performing an original song called “It’s 10 a.m. and I’m Drunk.”
  • Chris Colfer let it slip that he was “happy to be back” with his New Directions cast members. When the crowd freaked out, he realized that he just told everyone that Kurt will be back at McKinley very soon. Instead of backpedaling, he just shrugged and shouted back, “Oh, like you didn’t know!”
  • Ryan Murphy is working on the prom episode right now, and he thinks since the Warblers lost Regionals, they “have to” perform at McKinley High’s prom. It would be perfect for Blaine and Kurt’s first dance, right? Also, Ryan hinted that Blaine would be trying out for New Directions in season three.
  • Are you aware of this monstrosity on YouTube? Ryan and the cast definitely have “Friday” on their minds, and are kind of obsessed with it. We smell an unfortunate but hilarious cover in the future.
  • The last six episodes will revolve around New Directions battling Vocal Adrenaline and making the trip to Nationals. Ryan confirmed that Charice has been shooting scenes for the show.
  • Cory Monteith doesn’t control what happens to Finn and Rachel, but he does have some opinions on the matter. He thinks Rachel and Finn are actually “more interesting when they are apart, even when they “clearly love each other.” Cory then ducked his head and said he literally “felt” the hate radiating from the audience after that comment.
  • Matthew Morrison is a fan of Will and Emma, too! He thinks they are “star-crossed lovers,” and that they “compliment” and “deserve” each other. “I hope it happens,” he tells the crowd.
  • Mark Salling thinks Finn and Rachel are the core couple of the show, but he understands why Rachel would want to experiment with Puck, the bad boy. No news on whether Rachel will steal Puck’s attention away from Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) in the final episodes. As for Mr. Mohawk’s other girl, Mark did admit that Quinn (Dianna Agron) being the mother of his child will always make her special to him.
  • The artist that the cast is constantly requesting? Adele. And can I just say that I am so behind this idea?
    # If it were up to Naya Rivera, she would put Brittany and Santana together…and then knock Brittany up! Heather Morris thought that would be an awesome spinoff. But back in actually happening town, Ryan said that the last part of the season will focus heavily on Santana and who she is as a person, not just as one half of “Brittana.”
  • Ready for the League of Doom? Jane Lynch was really excited to talk about Dustin (Cheyenne Jackson), Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Sandy (Stephen Tobolowsky) coming together to join forces with Sue against the glee club. Apparently, each of them will have their own missions to carry out for Coach Sylvester.
  • Brad Falchuck shared his thoughts on Glee fans’ dedication and attention to detail: “We love you guys, but you’re crazy.” In a related note, Ryan Murphy is terrified to come on Twitter.
  • Kevin McHale pretty much begged people on Twitter to stop sending him hate tweets regarding his character getting in the way of Brittany and Santana. “I’m not Artie!” he pleaded to the masses.
  • A love interest for Mercedes might be right around the corner. They are shooting the Glee reality show right now, and Ryan says he has been keeping his eyes peeled for someone who could keep up with Amber Riley.
  • The Glee writers seriously considered doing an episode where the characters sang every line of dialogue.

There will also be a certain special someone joining Kristin Chenowth in the returning character ranks – Gwyneth Paltrow, to reprise her role as Holly Holiday, and maybe not just in the last six episodes of season 2. Ryan Murphy hinted at an encore Gwyneth performance next season, and maybe for her to do even more than that.

“Gwyneth is sort of the muse of the show. I’m friendly with her. And Brad has become quite friendly with her. She’s also somebody who I write on the weekends and say, ‘What do you think about this for an episode even if you’re not in it?’ She has opinions. She’s great.”

With Holly Holiday now in play in Will’s romance life – and Terri returning to be in Sue’s Leauge of Doom – I have to say these last six episodes of the season could get real interesting. Thoughts, opinions? Sound off in the comments!

Sources: TV Line, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, TV OverMind

  • Maxxfrizz

    plzzzzz more stories about finn n rachel!!!!!! let them be boyfriend n girlfriend again (thatz make glee interesting to WATCH)

  • Mefernander

    I would love to see Brittany and Santana together also, I want to see like a fight between Puck,Quinn,Rachel and Lauren to see who Puck would pick but i’m going to enjoy the last six episodes hopefully it won’t be just three minutes or so an episode of Santana YAY GLEE

  • gleek247

    dont put brit and santana together! i m all for the gays just not them i like santana and the bitchy skank and brit as the dumb slutty blonde…also i love puck he needs to cheat on lauren ….quinn and finn <3 …and rachel alone and miserable lol

  • Gleek464

    I must admit that since Grilled Cheesus, the episodes have gone down hill. Then Gwyneth shows up and everything is all better. The latest episodes have been so much fun and actually reminded me why I watched the show. The last 6 episodes sound great! Can’t wait!! Also, its FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!!!

  • Gleeker#1 F+R=<3

    dont put brittney and santana together i love brittney and artie together (sooo cute!! <3) BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK FINN AND RACHEL I PERSONALY HATE QUIN FOR BEING SUCH A SNOB ABOUT PROM QUEEN BUT PLEASEEE PUT THEM BACK TOGETHERRR i love holly and will emma got married that was her choice she should sooo stay with carl her loose for breaking up with will HER PROBLEM but still PLEASEEE FINNN AND RACHEL



  • DelaineyRoxas

    How about bring Jesse back?! :D

  • kierachick3

    ALL I WANT TO SEE IS BRITTANY AND SANTANA TOGETHER AS BRITTANA! It would be great to see the dynamic behind the obviously explosive and passionate relationship that is Brittana.

  • kierachick3

    ALL I WANT TO SEE IS BRITTANY AND SANTANA TOGETHER AS BRITTANA! It would be great to see the dynamic behind the obviously explosive and passionate relationship that is Brittana.

  • Xsoundcheck

    feck. I absolutely hate Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • -.-

    OMG PLEASE LET FUINN STAY!! They wouldve never broken up if weren’t for puck!

  • Mlscans

    I just want to see rachel and finn back together please!! Cuz they love is real.This is truth love.Rain and shine they’re in love each other and they have to be together.So ? want to see them please.Rachel&Finn <3 There is one more thing.Bring back jesse and vocal adrenaline.Cuz everyone needs a little feud :D

  • DeDe Puckerman

    ok i dnt like Holly she thinks she know everything!! thats Sue’s work!! I loveeee to see Puck & Rachel again that chemistry <3 Quinn need to lost everything and Finn fell miserable cuz Rachel is with Puck buahahahaha

  • Gleekkkk5

    i think i agree with cory.. rachel and finn are more interesting when they arent together.. because i know finn and rachel are meant more each other…. but they both need to date new people first.. like i WOULD LOVE if Ryan put rachel and sam together… <3 that would be amazing and i think finn should go out with quinn.. but then when he realizes that she only wants to go out with him because she wants the crown he might dump her again..

  • Auck

    Keep Kurt and Blaine at Dalton. Seriously it doesn’t make any sense really. He left because of a bully that is still there not too mention the extra money it cost to go to Dalton is now wasted. Just leave the drama and get back to random comedy. I want more throwaway jokes like Finn’s cinemax comment in Vitamin D.

  • chickidee

    i totally agree with u!!!

  • coolio

    i love finchel 2!!!

  • heyyou

    totally agree

  • heyyou

    totally agree

  • regb

    i hope 4 finchel soon!! i love them!! <3

  • Gleek#1 forever and ALWAYS!

    I TOTALLY diagree! i hate finn and rachel, i love quinn, and i like will and emma! but i do love holly, i have to say!

  • DL Plante

    I feel bad for Kevin and Ryan now :

  • kit

    Finn holds rachel back she needs someone that can bring out that star in her more

  • Haifa

    I think I will cry happy tears when I see Kurt back at McKinley. I miss him being there too much, and I get more and more depressed with every episode of him being at Dalton. And I’m also happy there will be Kurt scenes that don’t involve that snob Blaine.

    I was so looking forward to Kurt getting a boyfriend this season but I’m just so disappointed with it now. Why can’t they put Kurt with someone who loves him for WHO HE IS, doesn’t try to change him, chases him rather than be chased by him, and doesn’t tell him to put his hands down and confirm? Kurt never confirmed. He liked to stand out, he was always himself, and even when his crush (Finn) told him to be like everyone else in Theatricality, he refused. I fell in love with the I’m-proud-to-be-different Kurt, the superior Kurt, not the one that follows Blaine around and does whatever that pleases him, the one that said “you can judge me” and apologized for performing with his hands up. I much rather see Kurt alone and independent than with that douchebag Blaine.

    Or he should date Sam, you know, the ORIGINAL BOYFRIEND. I hope they didn’t change the closeted jock storyline for Sam they told us about last year.

    But if I was one of the writers I would so have him and Puck date. Their personalities go great together.

  • Clrace3

    i would love to see Jesse come back and for something to happen with him and Rachel. However i love finchel and i hope those two end up together. I would also love to see/hear some Augustana on the show or some dashboard confessional, something less mainstream but very strong emotionally.

  • Amanda


  • Amanda


  • Guest

    okay firstly kevin is not Artie so stop picking on him because hes getting in the way of brit and santana its not his fault or Arties. i think he has feelings for Tina and think the writers should give them some drama insted of just the same characters getting bigger story lines they dont seem to have done anything with mike and tina there a great, well suited couple….just saying

  • Shay

    I’m really hoping Santana and Brittany end up together!

  • Kummer

    You are clearly a Klainer. There is no news about the recent developments in Sam’s storyline.

  • Yikes

    So, you hate Santana/Brittany, you want Puck to cheat on Lauren, you actually LIKE Finn and Quinn even though she’s using him and he doesn’t really like her, and you want poor Rachel alone??? I’m really glad you don’t write the show. >_>

  • Hmmm

    I agree. I like Blaine as a character, but not with Kurt. They just don’t seem to have chemistry to me. They’re too much alike for it to be interesting. My first choice would be Karofsky, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t happening. I just feel so bad for the kid. But you’re absolutely right, Puck and Kurt’s personalities would go amazingly well together if Puck weren’t straight. I had also really been looking forward to the closeted jock story with Sam, too. I was so dissapointed when they apparently dropped it. Maybe Sam’s bisexual? Hm…

  • Huh

    …What are you talking about? o.0

  • Ashley

    I dont think Quinn is totally using Finn. I mean in Season 1, it was clearly visible that she loved him. I don’t know… RM is fudging the storyline

  • Emily

    plz get finchel and wemma back togther and bring blaine across to New Directions!

  • Sexybabe

    If Quinn loved Finn, why did she spread her legs out for Puck?

  • LadyIyce

    Oh my Gosh, if there’s a love interest for Mercedes in the works, that would make my LIFE!!! It sucks how she never gets to date or have any love connections at ALL! Come on guys, diva sized girls need love too!


    I really DO NOT think that Finn Really likes Quinn I kind of think he is just doing that to get back at Rachel for kissing(and trying to have sex with him :/) Puck…I know that he saw Fire works but that might just be….a dream cuz he had mono… :L LOL Rachel LOVES Finn and he does too!

    So to all you Fichel haters i have 8 words for you!!! ……Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!! BOOM

  • V2113

    I don’t know… what with the hinted coming out in “Born this Way” the bully might just be changing, and I doubt they can afford to keep Kurt in there an extra year, if it took all their honeymoon money to put him in there in the first place. Believe me, it’s WICKED expensive to go to private high school. Like, 9,000 bucks a year, minimum. THANK GOD he let slip Kurt was coming back…

  • V2113

    Same reason Rachael was going to, probably… mini-fight, stupid horomones… and voila: OhlookatthatI’mpreggers!!!

  • Ana

    and jesseeee???

  • Sam and quinn 4ever<3

    I do hope santana and brittany get together but this is how i want them to Sam sings a love song to quinn and she kisses him that is the end of the episode then quinn is crowned queen and sam king .The next episode quinn will find out that finn was trying to get sm and quinn to break upshe walks up and slaps him .

  • Llama356

    OMG! when will the next episode be?! Its been a WHOLE MONTH!!!!

  • Shaynee


  • Baseballgrl1097

    I personally think it should be Blurt, not Klaine

  • Mrs. Chris Colfer


  • Mrs. Chris Colfer(:

    I honestly couldn’t care less about the whole rachel/puck rachel/finn quinn/finn thang. I’m just happy as long as I get my kurrtttyy birrrdddyyy<3
    btw if blaine dumps u (to heck with him if he does), we can go 2 prom 2gether(;

  • Mrs. Chris Colfer(:

    As of 4/23/11
    OMG! Has anyone seen the full performence of “somewhere only we know”?!
    OMG i know 4 a fact that im gonna be a gleekin, crying, baby durring this episode! I’m already sniffling durring the PREVIEWS!!!

  • Apryl Nichole

    I absolutley love glee!!!! Its soreal at times but come on ryan spice it up a little bit to elaborate let sue work her magic and convince rachel to join the cheerios!! It will boost herself esteeem and will forget about finn which she should anway he wont forgive her but forgive quinn not justifying but dude you forgave puck quinn get over it! And i loved the fact that quinns character wasnt a cliche head cheerleader bitch now she is sorry but true lauren is just annoying! Leave artie alone! Him and brit are adorable he teaches her and she makes him smile and feel special. Mike and tina are compliment each other very well no not because their both asian just cause thy bring out eachothers best will and emma i could stand to see them apart its much more fun guessing! Let her explore her lesbian tendencies lol just kiddn… i also think rachel should perform taylor swifts you belong with me soon do a justin timberlake episode finn can perform cry me a river win he dumps finn lastly….rachel and jesse stjames or a hunky college choir director!

  • SuperStar

    I still think Cory is TO DIE FOR (and im only 11) but the fact that he doesnt like finchel is ALMOST a dealbreaker but not totally. and corey, whenever you are ready, i’ll be waiting! <3

  • SuperStar

    I want rache; m finn but i agree about brittana. Santana would just be using her when Brittany actually has a heart!

  • Mrs. Chris Colfer(:

    Omg totally! haha(:

  • Emariemay

    Acually, I think that there is much more to Santana that we are seeing. I want her to come out of the closet and be someone she acually is. Hard to believe, but she might not be such a BITCH!

  • Emariemay

    WHAT! Quinn uses Finn, is a hugely self centered person, has morals such as being popular and prom queen. And its all because she has no self confidence and feels she always has to please someone. Overall, NOT A NICE PERSON!

  • Emariemay

    Acually, they can’t bring Jesse back IN vocal adrenaline because he was a senior last year.

  • Emariemay

    Rachel needs someone who can bring her back to reality while still following her dreams. In truth they inspire each other.

  • Emariemay

    I think Blaine does the opposite for Kurt, and they truely have something.

  • Emariemay

    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    your kidding right

  • Emariemay

    I think Artie and Tina are so sweet together, and they really haven’t done anything with Tina and Mike since they had little problems after they started dating.

  • Emariemay

    She might have had feelings for him then, but that was her first love and I think they should both move on to they really can love. I personaly see a lot of chemistry between Quinn and Puck, and Rachel and Finn are obviously going to be together.

  • Emariemamy

    I know, the only thing Mercedes had close to a love interst was Kurt and he was gay. I think if she found someone they could be the steady couple. And I really don’t want it to be some new kid next season joining the new directions.

  • Emariemay

    Actually, Quinn’s characer is a cliche bitch head cheerleader, she’s using Finn.

  • Justme2468

    I think Brittany should just put Santana on the spot and ask her in front of everyone how she feels, Brittanys always pretty blunt so cant imgine her having a problem doing that. Would be pretty funny to see the shock when the ‘dumb blonde’ does something for herself haaa

  • JJ

    Finn and rachel are dead. I love quinn and finn please keep them together

  • the quads

    ahhh!! prom cant come soon enough!

  • the quads

    ahhh!! prom cant come soon enough!

  • blackcharlotte

    (My perception on Blaine and Kurt.) I honestly love Klaine, ( Kurt, Blaine). Kurt was depressed, practically on the verge of suicide ! Blaine literally, from day one, (Episode : ‘Never been kissed’) helped him. Made him feel like he was worth something, gave him strength, and supported him. There was a comment I read once on the hate of Blaine Anderson, that Kurt is following him, doing whatever he asked to please him. That’s not true. He was in love with him. Blaine never gave him, ‘Orders’. He helped him. He once told him, there is a line between being gay, and trying to make every except you. Not his exact words, I’ll grant you. But, same gist. And that was words from the heart, him being honest because: Their friends. Close friends at that ! Why shouldn’t Blaine give Kurt advice ? As for them dating, I give a hell yes !! Gay’s are not nearly appreciated as they should be, the amount of gay/lesbian happening in this show is reality. And I find sweet, because one actor, (Darren Criss/Blaine ) is straight, and one (Chris Colfer/Kurt) is gay. And, Darren/Chris is fine with it. ( I’ve read an extant on both the actors, because I find it so interesting they are, considering this society, which is a big ass GRR, if I may add. They don’t mind playing, Gay teens.) He actually hated telling everyone he was straight because he finds labels unneeded, and no one should be defined on who they love. Both noble, profession actors if I had to say. I love both–Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss. For their mature outlooks, and brave attitude to do this ! It shouldn’t be something frowned upon, but to find some young, straight, and gay actors that don’t mind kissing, and playing love interest is awesome. They both inspire me personally, and I am a 13 year old girl, who is straight, but after watching their plot line. I really want to do something about discrimination against gays. Thank you, Ryan Murphy for this, and Darren Criss, and Chris Colfer.
    If you look behind this t.v couple you can really find something other then, ‘ gay guys making out’. There two of the most amazing/inspiring men alive, to have the courage, and be all for the acting part ! They made so many teen’s, kids, and even adults feel ‘not alone’. So screw you guys, against gays. Because, there making a difference.

  • Gcfansara26

    I am also really glad you said all this, because gleek247 would scare me if she wrote Glee… I love Finchel :)

  • gleekmad

    get Quick together plz

  • Lealricardo93

    I Just Want Quinn And Sam Back Together :(

  • lainey

    people are complaining about too many gay characters already. and you wanna make sam gay too? Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against gays but SAM? that is way too much

  • Lolitzhaleyyy

    finchel please (: I want them together !!!!!

  • Lolitzhaleyyy

    finchel please (: I want them together again and they NEED to be together 4 ever this time !!!!!

  • Catch_me_if_you_dare5688

    they forgot the best spoiler yet. JESSE ST.JAMES IS BACK BABY!!!

  • Dfgkuyfsdg

    Finchel all the way <3

  • Jade T.

    omg totally agree i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE finn and rachel 

  • Morgsy56

    yeah well on the Nationals episode they are supposed to make out on stage or something because you know in the commercial for it Jesse was like “was that scripted”…yeah. thats what he was referring to.

  • lmd

    I want some more scenes of Puck and Quinn, they are my favorite couple. So are Finn and Rachel. Hopefully they will get back together!

  • lmd

    I want some more scenes of Puck and Quinn, they are my favorite couple. So are Finn and Rachel. Hopefully they will get back together!

  • Puppluve

    Is Rachel and Finn going to get back together. Are is she going to stay with Jessy. An I agree with Maxxfrizz, It will be more interesting to watch 

  • Ilovecandy

    Yaaaa same. utI think Quinn sould be with Sam<3, Quinn looked so happy when she was with Sam.