Prom, Nationals, and Beyond: The Latest Glee Spoilers

Prom, Nationals, and Beyond: The Latest Glee Spoilers

I have a feeling Quinn won't be the only one campaigning for a tiara.... Yes, I have scoop on our Glee prom (one I think know you'll love).

We have good reason to believe that Kurt and Blaine will be switching sides, and moving on over to New Directions. Co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed at PaleyFest that Kurt will definitely be "coming home" to his New Directions pals - and hinted strongly that Blaine (Darren Criss) would soon follow in season 3. Says actor Chris Colfer of the eventual Klaine transfer:

"Maybe half of them will… Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? That’s what they tell me. So even if they do go through some bumps in the road, it would be very realistic.”

And...Kurt will be taking Blaine to the prom! Or will Blaine be taking Kurt.... Either way, this is pretty exciting news for Klaine fans (though I can't say as Quinn will be too happy about some competition, *wink-wink*).

”That story is ripped-from-the-headlines,” revealed Murphy. “Can you imagine two boys wanting to go to the prom in Ohio?” Fellow EP Brad Falchuk added that “Klaine,” like the the show’s other super couples, would face their fair share of obstacles. “What [else] happens when people start dating?” he said, “Everything goes to hell.”

If Finchel is any indication.

Now that we've got the good stuff out of the way, check out even more of the Glee goods via PaleyFest, straight from E! Online:

  • Kristin Chenoweth will be back in a big way. In fact, she'll be performing an original song called "It's 10 a.m. and I'm Drunk."
  • Chris Colfer let it slip that he was "happy to be back" with his New Directions cast members. When the crowd freaked out, he realized that he just told everyone that Kurt will be back at McKinley very soon. Instead of backpedaling, he just shrugged and shouted back, "Oh, like you didn't know!"
  • Ryan Murphy is working on the prom episode right now, and he thinks since the Warblers lost Regionals, they "have to" perform at McKinley High's prom. It would be perfect for Blaine and Kurt's first dance, right? Also, Ryan hinted that Blaine would be trying out for New Directions in season three.
  • Are you aware of this monstrosity on YouTube? Ryan and the cast definitely have "Friday" on their minds, and are kind of obsessed with it. We smell an unfortunate but hilarious cover in the future.
  • The last six episodes will revolve around New Directions battling Vocal Adrenaline and making the trip to Nationals. Ryan confirmed that Charice has been shooting scenes for the show.
  • Cory Monteith doesn't control what happens to Finn and Rachel, but he does have some opinions on the matter. He thinks Rachel and Finn are actually "more interesting when they are apart, even when they "clearly love each other." Cory then ducked his head and said he literally "felt" the hate radiating from the audience after that comment.
  • Matthew Morrison is a fan of Will and Emma, too! He thinks they are "star-crossed lovers," and that they "compliment" and "deserve" each other. "I hope it happens," he tells the crowd.
  • Mark Salling thinks Finn and Rachel are the core couple of the show, but he understands why Rachel would want to experiment with Puck, the bad boy. No news on whether Rachel will steal Puck's attention away from Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) in the final episodes. As for Mr. Mohawk's other girl, Mark did admit that Quinn (Dianna Agron) being the mother of his child will always make her special to him.
  • The artist that the cast is constantly requesting? Adele. And can I just say that I am so behind this idea?
    # If it were up to Naya Rivera, she would put Brittany and Santana together...and then knock Brittany up! Heather Morris thought that would be an awesome spinoff. But back in actually happening town, Ryan said that the last part of the season will focus heavily on Santana and who she is as a person, not just as one half of "Brittana."
  • Ready for the League of Doom? Jane Lynch was really excited to talk about Dustin (Cheyenne Jackson), Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) and Sandy (Stephen Tobolowsky) coming together to join forces with Sue against the glee club. Apparently, each of them will have their own missions to carry out for Coach Sylvester.
  • Brad Falchuck shared his thoughts on Glee fans' dedication and attention to detail: "We love you guys, but you're crazy." In a related note, Ryan Murphy is terrified to come on Twitter.
  • Kevin McHale pretty much begged people on Twitter to stop sending him hate tweets regarding his character getting in the way of Brittany and Santana. "I'm not Artie!" he pleaded to the masses.
  • A love interest for Mercedes might be right around the corner. They are shooting the Glee reality show right now, and Ryan says he has been keeping his eyes peeled for someone who could keep up with Amber Riley.
  • The Glee writers seriously considered doing an episode where the characters sang every line of dialogue.

There will also be a certain special someone joining Kristin Chenowth in the returning character ranks - Gwyneth Paltrow, to reprise her role as Holly Holiday, and maybe not just in the last six episodes of season 2. Ryan Murphy hinted at an encore Gwyneth performance next season, and maybe for her to do even more than that.

“Gwyneth is sort of the muse of the show. I’m friendly with her. And Brad has become quite friendly with her. She’s also somebody who I write on the weekends and say, ‘What do you think about this for an episode even if you’re not in it?’ She has opinions. She’s great.”

With Holly Holiday now in play in Will's romance life - and Terri returning to be in Sue's Leauge of Doom - I have to say these last six episodes of the season could get real interesting. Thoughts, opinions? Sound off in the comments!

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