Prom King and Queen Revealed in a Twist

Prom King and Queen Revealed in a Twist

I love how when Glee first started there was this huge thing about secrecy - writers sworn to secrecy, crew sworn to secrecy, cast sworn to secrecy.... Personally I thought it was pretty amazing that everybody attached to the project is so dedicated. But I also wondered if it would only be a matter of time before someone squealed about something. Of course Kurt rejoining New Directions isn't exactly a scandal, but this (via TV Squad) on the other hand:

"K is PQ and Ka is PK," tweeted Nicole Crowther, a Los Angeles actress who worked as an extra on the show. The "K" she's referring to undoubtedly stands for Kurt, and the "Ka" stands for Karofsky -- meaning Kurt will be crowned prom queen and his closeted torturer will be crowned king.

A Tumblr user with some sort of connection to the show confirmed the news (the post has since been taken down), writing, "It's true. Karofsky wins Prom King and Kurt wins Prom Queen. And it is meant to be mean. But Kurt takes the moment and kicks its ass. It is a much better moment for Kurt than Karofsky."

Writer and co-creator Brad Falchuk is not exactly happy, and rightfully so after all the hard work everyone puts into it. Normally I wouldn't find spoiler leakage such a big deal (stuff happens), but I feel it's kind of tragic that such a powerful (and unexpected) moment is now, well, expected.

But enough of the Glee "scandal". Let's get to some more spoilers! Though I must say this first one's not exactly so happy either:

  • There are some Glee deaths on the horizon, and this time it will be more than just a bird (may Pavarotti rest in peace). Several deaths, to be exact. Some metaphorical, one's a relationship, and another's a "beloved character". The episode, set to air during May sweeps, will be titled, "Funeral". Hmm....
  • There's also a Santana moment on the way, in episode 18, "Born This Way", which centers around the prom. Says Falchuk, "We now have a major character on one of the top shows on TV who is a lesbian. Whether she's dating someone or not is not really what we're getting at here. Brittany will be a part of [her story], but the focus will be on Santana's struggle with acceptance."

What do you guys think about all this? Sound off in the comments what you say about the big spoiler leakage of prom king and queen - is the episode ruined for you, or does it really matter?

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