On the Set of Glee: December 9

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January 11, 2011

Although just a day later (December 10) it was reported by Entertainment Weekly that several members of the cast came down with tonsillitis, halting production until Monday (today). The cast was scheduled to perform their big post-Super Bowl musical number last Friday, but due to the illness among the cast those scenes have been postponed to January (sending well-wishes to all the Glee cast).

But for now, check out this first glimpse at that episode…complete with Rachel donning football gear (and Blaine in the stands with the Hummel family!):

Sources: Just Jared, E! Online

  • Shannon(:

    I looove Blaine(:

  • Jess

    It looks like Kurt and Carol are wearing the matching jackets…cute!

  • Michaela

    i can not wait for the episode :) :) Febuary 6th right?

  • Random!

    Im so confused! Is that Rachel on the football team?!?
    …I mean, sure thats plausable. :D whatever, I love Rachel too much to care about all the crazy things she does. crazy kids and their shananagins. *shakes fist in air*
    Anyway, yeah, cant wait for the new episode!!