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Of Wedding Proposals: Last-Minute Scoop on Season 3 Episode 10 "Yes/No"

Of Wedding Proposals: Last-Minute Scoop on Season 3 Episode 10 "Yes/No"

Tomorrow's the lucky day - well, for us Gleeks anyway (end-hiatus!). Think it will prove as lucky for two of our top Glee shippings, Wemma (Will-and-Emma) and Finchel (Finn-and-Rachel)? The well-known word is that we'll be getting a "wet 'n wild" proposal with Will and Emma, of which Watch with Kristin's Kristin Dos Santos unexpectedly guessed the location during her interview with Matthew Morrison (Will) - underwater!

"You actually said something about water...I thought you knew!"

Kristin, you're so sly. We spoiler writers want to be like you when we grow up.

There's a couple of other tidbits about tomorrow night's new episode you'll want to know. Read on for spoiler snippets via E! Online:

  • "There's a surprise wedding that officially stops a previous love triangle dead in its tracks."
  • "Will will reconsider his feelings for Emma, whom he's not sure can handle marriage and motherhood given her OCD condition."
  • "Cory Monteith has perhaps his most dramatic scene yet of the season, in which his mother gives him some heartbreaking news he does not take well."
  • "Becky, Artie and Sugar have a love triangle."
  • "A sweet moment for Sue involving "television for ovaries" and Becky that is one of her sweetest and greatest yet."

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  • "A great Brittana moment (it's just a glance in the locker room, but reminds us how great the Heather Morris-Naya Rivera chemistry is!)."
  • "Rachel sings Rihanna's "Without You" to Finn and it's fantastic, but not as fantastic as Santana's response."
  • "Artie, Mike Chang and Will perform a really fun mashup of "Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash...."

Kristin, who's pre-screened the episode, promises us that the proposal itself is "truly surprising", plus a tear-jerker. Think there's any truth to the speculation that there might be not one but two proposals this episode? Lea Michele (Rachel) did say there's an "epic" Finchel scene.... And what previous love triangle might this be?

Comment-guessing, anyone?