Next Soundtrack Reveals More Song Spoilers

Next Soundtrack Reveals More Song Spoilers

Yep. After "The Power of Madonna" mini album hit stores this month, we'll be expecting the next volume of the Glee soundtracks to be released in May - Glee: The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers. And while the music itself is certainly something to get excited about, the music goes hand-in-hand with the episodes, which spoilers! Check out the track listing, with episode predictions commentary, via BuddyTV:

SPOILER ALERT: I sneaked in a couple of spoilers in the next few episodes on the tracklistings. You've been warned, gleeks.

"Hello Goodbye", originally performed by the Beatles, and covered by the cast as seen in last week's "Hell-O".

"Gives You Hell", originally performed by the All-American Rejects and covered by the cast, also in last week's "Hell-O".

"Hello", originally performed by Lionel Richie, and covered by Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele from last week's "Hell-O".

"A House Is Not A Home",
originally performed by Dionne Warwick, and covered by Chris Colfer. This will pop up on next week's episode, "Home".

"One Less Bell To Answer"/"A House Is Not A Home", a mash-up courtesy of Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenoweth. This is the performance you should watch out for in next week's episode. If you don't cry after this, you're probably sapped of your soul.

"Beautiful", originally performed by Christina Aguilera, and covered by Amber Riley on next week's episode.

"Physical", originally performed by Olivia Newton-John. Jane Lynch will join her in singing this in "Bad Reputation", the episode airing in two weeks' time.

"Total Eclipse of the Heart", originally performed by Bonnie Tyler, and covered by Jonathan Groff.

"The Lady is a Tramp", from the musical Babes In Arms.

"One", presumably the one from U2, although there's a lot of possibilities...

"Rose's Turn", from the musical Gypsy.

"Dream On", originally performed by Aerosmith, This is a duet between Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris, and will feature in the May 18 episode, also named "Dream On".

"The Safety Dance", originally performed by Men Without Hats.

"I Dreamed A Dream", from the musical Les Miserables, and covered by Idina Menzel.

"Loser", possibly the one from Beck.

"Give Up The Funk", originally performed by Parliament. If you've seen the Glee special on Oprah, you would've seen the cast rehearsing and recording this song.

"Beth", originally performed by Kiss. I remember reading an interview where Cory Monteith said his fingers are calloused after drumming the hell out of this song.

"Poker Face", originally performed by Lady Gaga, and now covered by Idina Menzel. Yes, really.

"Bad Romance", originally performed by Lady Gaga.

One question: no tracks for regionals? Interesting. Anyway, this album will hit stores on May 18. Mark that date.