New Judge Guest Stars for Regionals Unveiled!

New Judge Guest Stars for Regionals Unveiled!

Neither of them may be Josh Groban, but I'm actually kind of relieved we'll be seeing some new faces at the judging table this season. Of course nobody tops Sue as judge. That was epic.

This year at Regionals New Directions will be judged by My Life on the D-List's Kathy Griffin and Grey's Anatomy's Loretta Devine. Griffin will be playing the role of "homeschooling Tea Party candidate" Tammy Jean, while Devine will be playing Sister Mary Constance, a former stripper. And we thought the competition judges on Glee couldn't get any weirder.

Of course the third judge has yet to be announced. Josh Groban, anyone?

Hit the comments and discuss! What hilarity will ensue do you think, and any guesses/wishes for that third judge?

Source: Zap2It