New Character: “She-Bully” Cast for Future Episode

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October 14, 2010

Remember creator Ryan Murphy saying he wanted to tackle the topic of gay suicide/bullying among teens and in school? Apparently they already have a new (recurring?) character in the works for such an episode:

A big-boned, tough girl named Crystal will be the “she-bully” in question, and will more than likely pick out some New Directions kids to stomp all over. Of course, the role is open to any ethnicity.

I really appreciate that they want to tackle such a common social topic (and it definitely needs to be tackled), but I’m a little concerned about the bully stereotype here – most bullying happening among teens nowadays is done a little more creatively (and, it has already been explored in the show a bit between Quinn, Puck, Santana, etc…). Although, Glee is pretty good with bending stereotypes.

What do you guys think about a future episode focusing on bullying? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Source: TV Guide

  • Ashley

    Every time I think uhoh Glee is about to make a mistake it winds up not being what I expected. I have faith in Ryan and the rest of the group.

  • stephanie

    i think that it’s greata idea and it will all work out awesome!!

  • Jayson_lyric

    They already have two bullies in those two idiot football jocks…they should finally get what they deserve for picking on the glee club…they’ve made some pretty serious threats toward glee club members

  • JoE

    Why does she have to be a big boned type bully? I think the Santana/Quinn-type of bully is actually much more effective when it comes to girls. Unless this girl in question is the victim of real bullying. That actually makes sense.

  • Anon

    I think they want to make her a big boned bully becouse they have already explore the santana/quinn-type of bully and want something differnt.

  • Danielle

    Kurt better not be the one committing suicide!!!!!!!!!!