New Character: "She-Bully" Cast for Future Episode

New Character: "She-Bully" Cast for Future Episode

Remember creator Ryan Murphy saying he wanted to tackle the topic of gay suicide/bullying among teens and in school? Apparently they already have a new (recurring?) character in the works for such an episode:

A big-boned, tough girl named Crystal will be the "she-bully" in question, and will more than likely pick out some New Directions kids to stomp all over. Of course, the role is open to any ethnicity.

I really appreciate that they want to tackle such a common social topic (and it definitely needs to be tackled), but I'm a little concerned about the bully stereotype here - most bullying happening among teens nowadays is done a little more creatively (and, it has already been explored in the show a bit between Quinn, Puck, Santana, etc...). Although, Glee is pretty good with bending stereotypes.

What do you guys think about a future episode focusing on bullying? Let's discuss in the comments.

Source: TV Guide