Glee Music Spoilers! What British Group is Glee Covering Next?

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April 3, 2012

First The Wanted, now this? I’m with Jean of Zap2It, it’s like the NSync vs. Backstreet Boys war all over again. Although, they’re both equally awesome, so does there really have to be a war? Because you know showrunner Ryan Murphy only picks winners for songs. And if Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) and his “Pips” are going to be tackling another pop song, who’s complaining, right?

As reported by Zap2It, Glee is going to be covering the hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful” by British group, One Direction:

Matthew Morrison, who plays glee club adviser Will Schuester on the FOX hit, tells British newspaper The Sun that the show will cover the group in an upcoming episode. “I’ve just heard of them, they’re really taking over the States. We are covering one of their songs on ‘Glee’ — ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ I need to YouTube it to practice.”

If Matt Morrison needs to “YouTube it to practice”, does this mean it’s possibly a song from Will (and the kids) to Emma? Dang, there goes that Sebastian theory out the window.

What do you think of Glee covering One Direction and who would you have sing “What Makes You Beautiful” on the show?