More Sexy Details on Spoilers for Season 3 Episode 5 “The First Time”

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November 4, 2011


I know, it’s like these sex spoilers never end!

Sandra Gonzalez of Entertainment Weekly took her Qs from her Gleeks on Twitter to senior EW writer, Tim Stack who had plenty of Glee teases to go around for next week’s episode:

I’m curious as to what the catalyst is that’s impacting Finn. — Jenn
TIM SAYS: Finn’s bad news involves getting into college.

Is the last scene a montage? And if so, to what song/singers? — @Jam2885
TIM SAYS: Yep, the last scene is a montage. The two couples lying together cut with the West Side Story Blaine/Rachel performance of “One Hand, One Heart.” (SANDRA SAYS: Awww.)

Is the spirit/quality of the first half of season 1 ever going to come back? — @mostly_sleepy
TIM SAYS: This episode is definitely a return to the quality of season 1.

Any Finchel sex scene details would be great! — Lisa K.
TIM SAYS: The Finchel scene is at his house.

Are there any Puck/Rachel scenes in the next episode? — @tweety2485
TIM SAYS: No Puck/Rachel scenes but Finn does ask Puck for sex advice!

Source: Entertainment Weekly