More Season Finale Spoilers: Emma’s Tooth Doc

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May 20, 2010

Got some Ausiello spoilers for you, for the Glee season finale coming up this summer (what? No!). When apparently, Will doesn’t take Emma’s new love life “well” and “something major happens”. Ooh. The suspense – SPOILERS AHEAD:

Question: How does Will take the news that Emma is seeing her dentist on Glee? —Nicole
Not well.

Question: Could you give us some scoop on the Glee finale concerning Finn and Rachel’s relationship? —Nils
Something major happens. And it’s major. It’s also really major.

Question: From one Mike to another, I just want to say thank you for your Glee scoop on Will and Emma. Is there anything more you can add? —Mike
From one Mike to another, I found out who’s to blame for Will and Emma getting such short shrift in this season’s final episodes: Gargamel! True story. At Entertainment Weekly‘s pre-upfront bash Sunday, Jayma Mays told me that producers agreed to write her out so she could go to New York and shoot her role as Neil Patrick Harris’ wife in The Smurfs Movie. But as I reported in last week’s AA, Emma returns in the season finale to break the news to Will that she’s dating her dentist — a triangle I’m told will get major play this fall. Casting for her tooth doc is currently under way.

Source: Entertainment Weekly