More on the Schue-Emma-Carl Love Triangle

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December 1, 2010

Wait! If you haven’t gotten your “Special Education” yet, don’t read another word! Oh who are we kidding, of course you’ve seen the week’s new Glee. Unless of course you’re a DVR-er like me (trust me, it’s a word. Well it is now).

So after the big Schue-Emma-Carl love triangle dive bomb in last night’s new episode, there seems to be no hope for Wemma fans, right? Wrong! Check out the scoopage there, and more for what’s coming up, below:

  • Even though Emma’s “quickie wedding” to Dr. Carl (bet Santana ain’t too happy Pillsbury beat her out) seems to now be the end for poor Will Schuester, the spoilers making the rounds are assuring us that, while Carl and Emma will indeed continue to grow closer, the aim is still to get Will and Emma together someday. ‘Course the keyword is someday.
  • In addition to a football performance of “Thriller” in that “Super Bowl” episode, I’m hearing that’s the episode marking Charice’s return as Sunshine Corazon. Apparently more Darren Criss (Blaine) in that one, too.

Source: E! Online

  • Rachel

    yes but what of Finchel?!

  • Jamie

    Well judging from those new photos for the Christmas episode, that pic of Santana and Finn isn’t giving me much hope for Finn and Rachel!

  • Wada Risco

    Who cares about Finnchel?? Wemma, people, Wemma!!!!!!!! XD

  • Blue

    Argh, I actually don’t like Emma and Will at ALL. I mean, Carl seems to be pretty much perfect for her, and aside from the fact that Will is one of the main characters and thus we are “obligated: to root for him, I don’t see what makes him such a good match for Emma. To be honest unless Carl ends up being some sort of weirdo, if Emma leaves Carl then I’m leaving Glee

  • Orange

    I second that, Blue.

  • Extremefuchsia