More Casting Spoilers! Glee Needs a Doctor

More Casting Spoilers! Glee Needs a Doctor

There's been a small casting snippet milling about the Gleek-o-sphere that the show is casting for a doctor character to guest star/recur, and the only related scoop we've really heard is some speculation that it could have something to do with a little Wemma interference.

Now we have a new spoiler for the exact reason Glee's getting a doctor for the day (although who knows, could also give a little relationship trouble for Will and Emma):

It is said that Glee is looking for someone to play [a] doctor. Any chance that someone is sick or a girl pregnant? — Grace
The patient is Beth, but it’s nothing life-threatening.

Does Beth get a hold of that hot sauce.... Of course we all know Puck took it back, but wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake for Quinn?

Why do you think Beth needs a doctor in the Glee house?

Source: Entertainment Weekly / Image credit: Glee-France