Mini Glee! Kindergarten Actors to Play Younger Versions of our Glee Clubbers

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October 5, 2010

As Ben Watson of BuddyTV put it so eloquently, “It looks like Glee is going to go all Muppet Babies on us.”

Yep, sources have confirmed to The Ausiello Files of Entertainment Weekly that Glee is on the lookout for actors/actresses in the kindergarten age group to play younger versions of Puck, Santana, Rachel, Brittany, and Mercedes in season 2′s episode 7. And all we know about episode 7 so far is that Sunshine maybe, might possibly make her second appearance.

What do you guys think is up, flashback-central? I’m hoping for something more along the lines of home movies/videos from when they were little. Discuss in the comments!

  • xXBrdwayBarbieXx

    HAHAHA!! Yes….little Rachel? LOL! Now all we need is another Finn…:)

  • Michaela

    awwww.. soo cutee.. it would be so amazing to have little Rachel, Puck, Santana, and FINN :) ohmagoshh <3