Mike O'Malley is Sticking Around as Burt Hummel

Mike O'Malley is Sticking Around as Burt Hummel

After hearing about Mike O'Malley's (Burt Hummel) recent casting as the lead role on FOX's new pilot, Family Album, a lot of Gleeks got worried. Would this mean less time, or zero time, for Burt's character on Glee?

Luckily we Burt and Kurt fans have nothing worry about. Burt is so well received as a character, that our Glee writers wouldn't dream of writing him out of the show. Which is something Mike O'Malley is happy about, too.

“I hope Burt Hummel doesn’t have another heart attack and die because as part of my deal, I’m guaranteed six episodes of Glee next season,” a dapper O’Malley revealed Saturday night at the Ace Eddie Awards in Beverly Hills.

In fact, Burt will be making his next appearance in the next couple of season 2 episodes (starting with today's "Blame it on the Alcohol"). ”My upcoming scenes are with Kurt, and it’s some really great stuff. It’s the further stage of evolution of Burt needing to accept his son as who he is. They have some conversations Burt never thought he would have to have.”

Okay, we can all breathe a big sigh of relief now. Anybody have any ideas for future plots including Mike O'Malley's character, Burt? I know I'm definitely looking forward to the eventual introduction of Anne Hathaway's character to the Hummel family. Let's discuss!

Source: GleeHab